Quick Picks Thursday : 1.24.13

1.24.2013 Add Your Comment

Winter Owl Letterpress Postcard

Winter Owl Letterpress Postcard by Ink Pop Studio

This Week’s Picks

♥ In awe of the geometric paper art pieces from Benja Harney’s recent show, New Platonic.

30,000 swarming moths … thank goodness they’re made of paper because, otherwise, I might have the heebies right now.

♥ Loving these hand-lettered New Year prints, a collaboration between Urbanic and Scout’s Honor. And they’re a complimentary gift with your order from Urbanic, too!

♥ I’m enamored with these gorgeous gold foil cards from Kamal. – spotted at DWL

♥ Have you signed up for The Stationery Place’s Handmade Valentine Swap + Giveaway?

♥ Adorable mason jar recipe cards from 1Canoe2.

image from Ink Pop Studio

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