Quick Picks : 10.23.14

Color Papercut Illustration | Erin Jang for Creative Mornings

“Color” Papercut Illustration by Erin Jang for Creative Mornings

This Week’s Picks

WARNING : Lots of papercut art and booze in this week’s picks, but you probably shouldn’t try papercutting when you’re tipsy because bad things will happen. *wink*

♥ And, while we’re on the topic of awesome papercuts, check out these beauties by Dana Sanmar. – via

♥ These labels are, indeed, exquisite.

♥ This is the first that I’ve heard of Dinovember (looks like lots of fun and destruction!), and these dinosaur party invitations are so darn clever.

♥ A folksy papercut label design for artisan gin by Suzy Taylor. Incredible!

image from Erin Jang

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