Quick Picks Thursday : 12.20.12

Modern Christmas Packaging Concepts

Modern Christmas Gift Packaging Concepts by Anna Trympali

This Week’s Picks

♥ Beautiful handmade paper lights, a video of the creative collaboration between artists, Lâm Quảng and Kestrel Gates.

The Implied Line, a collection of incredible, hand cut cards by Kate Sears. – via All Things Paper

♥ A sweet, one color letterpress invitation and whimsical, illustrated wedding program from Lion in the Sun.

♥ Totally awesome letterpress printed vinyl record invitations for The Distillery.

♥ Such fun and festive holiday illustration work by Jenny Bowers for Bloomingdales.

♥ Clever O Christmas Tree letterpress coasters from Wild Ink Press.

image from Anna Trympali

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One thought on “Quick Picks Thursday : 12.20.12

  1. Ann Martin commented //

    Thanks for including Kate’s hand cut cards, Kristen. I love ’em too! All the best for happy holidays.

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