Trendspotting : Inky Indigo

The indigo color trend has been gaining some serious momentum in the stationery world over the past year or so and I, for one, am completely enamored with this rich, versatile hue. Deep and inky indigo is absolutely gorgeous on its own against a backdrop of white or cream, but it’s also a wonderful contrast against other on trend colors like hot / neon pink, minty blue-green, and eye-catching copper foil.

I also love that this color pairs perfectly with several popular styles and motifs, like watercolor, the inked / brushstroke look, and florals, the latter of which reminds me of sun bleached paper crafts or a different color take on a film negative.

Here’s a little indigo eye candy for you, and I hope that it kickstarts some of your own indigo design explorations!

2015 Color Trends in Stationery : Inky Indigo

Above, clockwise from top left : Céli Leevia // Izutsu Hiroyukivia // Sycamore Street Press // Stephanie Fishwick // Luli Sanchez // Micklyn // Eva Black // Stanford – Photographyvia // Thrive

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Quick Picks : 2.19.15

Charles Letterpress Wedding Invitations by MaeMae & Co.

Charles Letterpress Wedding Invitations by MaeMae & Co.
(and more invites that I’m currently crushing on!)

This Week’s Picks

♥ A free video tutorial on lettering and font design basics from the one and only Jessica Hische.

♥ Helen Dardik’s illustrated patterns on coffee packaging? What a great combo!

♥ Check out all of the yummy, gold foil washi tape at Little B. Flowers, polka dots, pineapples, hearts – they’ve got it all!

♥ An incredible series of illustrated city studies by Kondo Yoshie. These are so great. – via

♥ Incredible paper art by Kirsten Hassenfeld. Wowsa.

image from MaeMae & Co.

Nature Bound Shadowbox Art by Janet Guertin

Nature Bound Shadowbox Paper Art by Janet Guertin

Graphic designer and book artist Janet Guertin’s fascination with shadowboxes inspired her to create Nature Bound, an amazing series which combines layered, cut paper with secret, miniature surprises for finished pieces that are as intriguing as they are beautiful.

For this intricate paper art project, Janet wanted to create books that could be displayed in a unique way, giving the viewer an a-ha! moment when he or she realizes that parts of the paperscape are books. Yes, little, miniature books! How awesome is that?! Each shadowbox is 15” h x 7” w x 1.5” d and the books range in size from 2” in diameter up to 4”. All but the butterfly are removable.

Check out Janet’s site to find out more about this incredible project and to see more of her unique book art creations. Two of the Nature Bound pieces are also available in her shop.

Nature Bound Seashell Miniature Book Detail | Janet Guertin

Nature Bound Seashell Miniature Book Detail | Janet Guertin

Gingko Leaf Miniature Book | Janet Guertin

Butterfly Miniature Book Detail | Janet Guertin

images from Janet Guertin

Idlewild Co. Custom Return Address Stamps

Idlewild Co. Custom Return Address Stamps

It’s no secret that I lurve me some custom return address stamps, and I had a bit of a “squee” moment when the awesome new return address stamp designs from Idlewild Co. popped onto my radar.

These super cool stamps are just the thing for avid snail mailers, and they’re available in four styles: icon, which features your choice of pre-designed, hand-painted icons that include everything from a pineapple to a kitty cat to a bow tie; hand-lettered, which features your custom, hand-painted name(s); portrait, which features hand-painted portraits of 1 to 2 address residents; and silhouette, the most customizable option, which features a hand-painted shape of your choosing, with your hand-lettered address contained within.

Head on over to Idlewild Co. for more details and to ogle these fantastic stamps some more!

Idlewild Co. Custom Return Address Stamps

images from Idlewild Co.