Quick Picks : 4.24.14

Shaved Wood Memo Pad | Kizara

Shaved Wood Memo Pad | Kizara

This Week’s Picks

♥ A sweet and cheerful card collection from My Dear Fellow Co. Lovin’ their color choices! – via

♥ And speaking of color love, how am I just finding out about Tiny PMS Match? Such a clever concept. – via

♥ I wouldn’t normally describe a whale tail as swoon-worthy, but this hand cut paper specimen by Ali Harrison most definitely is. – via

Yes Ma’am, I am certainly digging these beautiful paper goodies by Erica Loesing. – via

image from Kizara

Mother’s Day Cards, Pt. 1

I’ve been busy bookmarking irresistible Mother’s Day cards and, with the mommiest holiday of the year just a few weeks away, it’s finally time to start sharing my finds! Here’s my first little roundup of favorites, and be sure to tune in over the next couple of weeks for more of my Mother’s Day picks.

Mother's Day Cards, Pt. 1 as seen on papercrave.com

Above, clockwise from top : A. Favorite Design // Bespoke Letterpress // Wit & Whistle // Olive and the Volcano // Grey Moggie Press // Lala Grace // Little Low Studio

images from their respective sources

Moglea Spring 2014 Collection

Birthday I Love You Card | Moglea

Good Monday, everyone. I hope that you all had a fantastic Easter weekend and that Mr. Bunny brought you something good!

I’m starting off the week on a bright note with Moglea’s Spring 2014 paper goods collection, which has me absolutely smitten. The collection features a wonderful mix of letterpress and colorful abstract painted patterns that immediately caught my eye. And, of course, the hand lettered sentiments had me at “happy”.

Moglea Spring 2014 Collection as seen on papercrave.com

images from Moglea

Quick Picks : 4.17.14

LE Circus Alphabet Print | Lydia Nichols (illustration) + 55 Hi's

LE Circus Alphabet Screenprint | 55 Hi’s + Lydia Nichols (illustration)

This Week’s Picks

♥ Another fantastic alphabet print, the Spring Garden Alphabet by Sarah Walsh. – via

♥ Really digging the work of Mariann Doherty (aka Going Danish), spotted at Mr. Printables.

♥ A sneak peek at an upcoming collaboration between Oh Joy! and Chloe Fleury. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this!

♥ Why, hello, Bookeyed Martin, and welcome to the Bookeyed family. You certainly are a good-looking bunch.

♥ Lovely marbled paper mache Easter eggs by Casey Starks, who shares a step-by-step tutorial so you can make some of your very own. – via

image from 55 Hi’s