Barry Goodman Illustrated Cards

Attention, all Anglophiles, I have some seriously cool paper goodies by UK-based illustrators for you today. First up are these fantastic, illustrated cards by Barry Goodman, an artist whose love of London and retro transport inspires his creative pursuits. You can find a range of Barry’s cards at Stargrass Paper Co., a new online shop from a paper-loving mother and daughter duo. Woohoo, new paper shop!

UK-Themed Illustrated Cards | Barry Goodman

images from Stargrass Paper Co.

Quick Picks : 3.6.14

LE Neapolitan Stripe Gold Foil Art Print | Pencil Shavings Studio

LE Neapolitan Stripe Gold Foil Art Print | Pencil Shavings Studio

This Week’s Picks

♥ Why, hello there, wonderful wood veneer tape. – via

♥ If only I lived near Minneapolis, I would totally be at the upcoming Modern Penmanship workshop by Crystal Kluge, one my favorite hand lettering artists.

♥ I love the look of Louise Jenkins’ layered paper cuttings. So inspiring.

Letterpress + bread dough? That. Is. Awesome.

♥ Really digging the bold, black and white paper goods from Petra Börner. – via

♥ Wonderful, whimsical illustration from Katt Frank. I see that she has a shop coming soon, too! – via

image from Pencil Shavings Studio

Extracurricular Activities Illustrated Greeting Cards

Summertime Illustrated Greeting Card | Extracurricular Activities

Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying are the husband and wife team behind Extracurricular Activities, an online shop that started out as a way for the couple to work on independent projects outside of their full-time jobs as concept artists for animation at Dreamworks and Disney, respectively, and has expanded to become an ever-growing line of beautifully illustrated cards, art prints, apparel, and digital accessories.

I am totally digging their greeting card lineup, which includes designs that feature everything from soothing landscapes to bustling cityscapes to seriously sweet characters. Here’s a peek at their cards, and be sure to head over to the Extracurricular Activities shop to see much more.

Illustrated Greeting Cards | Extracurricular Activities

images from Extracurricular Activities

Suzy Ultman + Igloo Letterpress Die Cut Key Cards

Thank You Die Cut Letterpress Key Card | Suzy Ultman (designer) & Igloo Letterpress (printer)

I always look forward to seeing new collaborative projects from Suzy Ultman & Igloo Letterpress, and their latest is my favorite to date. This clever collection of die cut, key-shaped letterpress cards is innovative, sweet and, of course, wonderfully illustrated by Suzy. I think I’d have a hard time giving one of these adorable cards away, so they are definitely candidates for my buy-two-and-horde-one-in-my-paper-stash strategy!

Die Cut Letterpress Key Cards | Suzy Ultman (designer) & Igloo Letterpress (printer)

images from Igloo Letterpress