Studio Sue Illustrated Art Prints & Paper Goods

I spotted the work of New Zealand based designer and illustrator, Sue Pat, on Instagram recently and was instantly drawn to her lovely and whimsical illustrations, which are available via her online shop, Studio Sue.

The range of paper goods in the Studio Sue shop includes, art prints, greeting cards, notebooks, and gift tags, and below are some of my favorite illustrations from the Botanical and Flower Cones collections.

Be sure to head over to Studio Sue to see all of their wonderful, illustrated paper goods!

Illustrated Paper Goods from Studio Sue

images from Studio Sue

Quick Picks : 8.4.16

Enamel Pins from Wit & Whistle

Awesome, New Enamel Pins from Wit & Whistle (lovin’ the clever backer cards!)

This Week’s Picks

♥ Now, this is one seriously cool card.

♥ Gorgeous, handmade marbled paper at Rugg Road Paper Co. One of my favorite shops to visit when I lived in Boston!

♥ 9 inspiring paper artists to follow in Instagram. Great list!

♥ These polygonal paper craft pets from PaperPetShop are totally rad.

♥ The new k.becca stamp designs for Sweet Stamp Shop are out of this world!

image from Wit & Whistle

2017 Planners & Agendas from Rifle Paper Co.

I know that it seems a bit early to start talking 2017, but it seems like just last week it was March. And it’s already August (how did that happen?!), so I figured it would be okay to start thinking about the upcoming year, especially when it means sharing these gorgeous 2017 planners and new agendas from Rifle Paper Co. Is it acceptable for one person to have six planners? ‘Cause, yeah, I want ’em all.

2017 Planners & Agendas from Rifle Paper Co.

images from Rifle Paper Co.

Free Printable Paint By Number from Damask Love

Free Printable Paint By Number from Damask Love

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by paint-by-number, but I’d be lying if I said that the actual painting part was my favorite. For me, it was all about those little paint pots. They were so small, and they had neat caps that attached to the pot and snapped closed. Plus, they were all connected together, and I dunno why, but that was incredibly fascinating to little me. Heck, it’s still fascinating to big me! I’d dip my brush in a pot o’ color and swirl it around, completely mesmerized. Oh, I’d eventually get around to painting, but you could’ve just handed me a brush and the paint pots, and I would have been occupied for the rest of the afternoon. And when I discovered that I could actually MIX the colors? Oh, yeah.

So, when Damask Love approached me with the idea of doing a printable paint-by-number for our next collaborative project, I immediately got the warm and fuzzies thinking about all of the good times that I had with those little paint pots when I was a kid. And I almost lost it when I saw that she actually made her own little pots o’ color for the project. Squeeeee!

This project was such a fun challenge. It really gave me a new appreciation for the painting part of paint-by-number, and I have to admit that I totally nerded out when I was setting up and numbering the different areas of color.

Head on over to Damask Love to download your very own copy of the succulent paint-by-number, and be sure to check out Amber’s helpful paint-by-number tips while you’re over there!

image from Damask Love