Illustrated Love & Valentine’s Day Cards

I’m wrapping up my Valentine’s Day card picks with this bunch of wonderful, illustrated designs. You’ll find adorable kitties, punny sentiments, and star and space-themed greetings in this eye-catching group, which includes designs from Wild Ink Press, One Canoe Two, and Paper Raven Co.

Looking for more lovey dovey cards? Check out my other picks here, here, and here.

Illustrated Love & Valentine's Day Cards

1. Wild Ink Press 2. My Zoetrope 3. One Canoe Two 4. Paper Raven Co. 5. Lux & Trip 6. Chic + Nawdie

images from their respective sources

Quick Picks : 1.19.17

Stitch Happy Sewing Machine from We R Memory Keepers

The new Stitch Happy sewing machines from We R Memory Keepers are just darling. Plus, they come with a special needle for sewing on paper and are engineered for thick embroidery floss, baker’s twine, metallic threads, and more, which gives me paper crafting ideas galore! (more details toward the middle of the post at the link above)

This Week’s Picks

♥ Why, hello there, pretty meal planner.

♥ So excited about these new stamp sets by Helen Dardik for Waffle Flower!

♥ Funniest cocktail napkins ever.

♥ A (free printable) taste of summer that I couldn’t help but share for a little pick-me-up in the midst of winter.

image from We R Memory Keepers

Funny & Snarky Valentine’s Day Cards

Funny and snarky greetings are some of my favorites, and there are always so many hilarious and playful designs for Valentine’s Day. As I’ve said in previous years, I may not love the holiday itself, but I do love the cards that it inspires!

Check out this amusing bunch of cheeky, snarky, and sometimes anti-Valentine’s Day designs:

Funny & Snarky Valentine's Day Cards

1. Egg Press 2. Olga Vasik for Card Nest 3. Hennel Paper Co. 4. Anke Weckmann for Red Cap Cards 5. Row House 14 6. a. favorite

images from their respective sources

Lovely, Modern Valentine’s Day Cards

These modern Valentine’s Day cards are overflowing with wonderful details, including unexpected color and pattern, watercolor & brushstroke texture, foil stamped goodness, and lots of lovely lettering and typography. That’s a lot of good stuff!

Check out the modern love card eye candy below:

Lovely, Modern Valentine's Day Cards

1. Heart Swell Co. 2. Carolyn Gavin for Red Cap Cards 3. Bespoke Letterpress 4. Missive 5. Ramona & Ruth 6. Smock

images from their respective sources