Quick Picks : 3.19.15

Ida Gerdemark Paper Cut Art

Gorgeous paper cut art by Ida Gerdemark

This Week’s Picks

♥ Painting on ice with hand lettering artist Kal Barteski.

♥ These new perpetual planners from Present & Correct are beautiful.

♥ Help Igloo Letterpress #moveourigloo and get some pretty awesome letterpress goodies, too!

♥ Start planning now and save 40% during Fig. 2 Design’s Spring Cleaning Sale, which starts tomorrow.

♥  Lovin’ One Plus One’s Europe Series art prints.

♥ I’m sharing a set of cute and free printable stickers over on k.becca this week!

♥ Gorgeous wedding envelope calligraphy inspiration over at Invitation Crush.

image from Ida Gerdemark

DIY Daffodil Egg Cups / Treat Boxes (Free Templates Included)

DIY Daffodil Cups (free printable PDF + SVG die cuts included)

Sunny daffodils are a sure sign that spring has finally arrived, and this year I’ve been awaiting their arrival with even more anticipation than usual because they signify an end to what has been an unusually cold and snowy winter around these parts.

These sweet paper daffodil cups celebrate the sunshiny-est of springtime flowers, as well as the Easter holiday to come. You can tuck everything from candy to eggs to small gifts into these little boxes, or you can wait and see what Mr. Bunny fills them with when he comes hopping along to your place.

DIY Daffodil Egg & Candy Cups (free printable PDF + SVG cut files included)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • the FREE daffodil box templates (download the printable PDF or SVG cut files below)
  • colored cardstock
  • a digital die cutting machine or scissors
  • a printer (if not using a die cutting machine)
  • a ruler and bone folder / embossing stylus (for scoring if not using a die cutting machine)
  • craft glue

Note : The printable PDF file is separated into three pages, each with one piece of the template 2-up so you can print each page onto different colored paper. Also, the outer edge of the ruffled piece is a plain circle for easy cutting, and you can use pinking shears to cut the outer edge and to add interest.

How to Make the DIY Daffodil Egg Cups / Treat Boxes

DIY Daffodil Egg Cups / Treat Boxes, Step 1

Step 1 : If using a digital die cutting machine (I use a Silhouette Cameo), cut out all of the template pieces and fold along the score lines. Otherwise, print the templates onto colored cardstock, cut out with scissors along the solid lines, and score along the dotted lines.

DIY Daffodil Egg Cups / Treat Boxes, Step 2

Step 2 : Place glue on one of the triangular shaped tabs on the basket base.

DIY Daffodil Egg Cups / Treat Boxes, Step 3

Step 3 : Line the tab up with its corresponding box side and press the tab against the inside of the box side to adhere. Hold in place for 15-30 seconds, or until the glue holds on its own.

Continue gluing the rest of the tabs to the sides of the box. Glue the short side tab to the inside of the box side next to it to finish the box base.

DIY Daffodil Egg Cups / Treat Boxes, Step 4

Step 4 : Line up the petal and ruffled inner template pieces and place the ruffled piece inside of the petal piece.

DIY Daffodil Egg Cups / Treat Boxes, Step 5

Step 5 : Turn the pieces over and fold the triangular tabs of the petal piece out toward the ends of the petals. One at a time, add glue to the tabs of the ruffled piece. Immediately fold the corresponding tab of the petal piece back toward the center and adhere to the ruffled tab.

DIY Daffodil Egg Cups / Treat Boxes, Step 6

Step 6 : Glue the petal/ruffled piece to the basket base by adding glue to the bottom of the triangular tabs and pressing them down against the inside walls of the basket base.

DIY Daffodil Egg Cups / Treat Boxes, Step 7

Step 7 : To finish the basket and to give it a bit more dimension, fold the petals downward at different angles.

DIY Daffodil Egg Cups / Treat Boxes

Download Daffodil Box PDF

Download Daffodil Box SVG

Templates are for personal, non-commercial use only.

photos by Kristen Magee for Paper Crave

Belinda Rodriguez Paper Sculpture

Belinda Rodriguez Paper Sculpture

Los Angeles-based designer, illustrator, and paper artist, Belinda Rodriguez, is a freelance motion designer by day, doing branding and commercial work. After hours, she creates personal illustration, design, and paper craft projects that include amazing paper sculptures like these from her recent “Inked” and “Split Personality” series.

Art has been a big part of Belinda’s life from a very young age, and her passion is obvious in her incredible work. One of her trademarks is the incorporation of illustration in her paper sculptures, which results in incredible art pieces that are a unique blend of fantastic dimension and beautiful, illustrated details.

Have a look at some of Belinda’s amazing paper sculptures below, and be sure to head over to her site to see more of her work. P.S. After I wrote this post, I discovered that Ann from All Things Paper also recently featured Belinda’s work and asked her a few things about her process and future creative plans, so you’ll want to check that out, too!

Belinda Rodriguez Paper Sculpture : "Inked" Series

Belinda Rodriguez Paper Sculpture : "Split Personality" Series

Belinda Rodriguez Paper Sculpture : "Inked" Series

Belinda Rodriguez Paper Sculpture : "Split Personality" Series

Belinda Rodriguez Paper Sculpture : "Inked" Series

images from Belinda Rodriguez

CreativeLive Giveaway Winner

CreativeLive Giveaway Winner

I’m so excited to announce the winner of the online chalk lettering class from Creative Live. Congratulations to Kitty Jardenil (@kittyjardenil), who entered the giveaway via Instagram! Kitty, I’ll be in touch soon with details about how to claim your prize.

And thank you to everyone who entered this fantastic giveaway, both on Instagram and via the blog comments. I really enjoyed seeing the lettering that you love, and I discovered a few new-to-me lettering artists, too.