Wedding Invitation Trendspotting : Oval Frames

I always look forward to the launch of a new collection from Minted because 1) hello, pretty paper, and 2) the talented community of designers at Minted always provides a fresh take on the hottest trends, and they often plant the seeds for new and emerging trends, as well.

Minted recently introduced their 2015 wedding invitation collection and, in addition to gorgeous, on trend, floral-themed and foil stamped invitation designs, I also noticed a number of designs that incorporate classic frame elements. There are sleek circle and rectangular frames, as well as more funky geometric and gem-inspired frames, which are totally cool, and the frames that really caught my eye are the ovals. From outstanding floral wreaths to painterly abstracts and geological-inspired designs, oval frames are popping up all over the place. I’m calling this an emerging trend, and one that I’m totally on board with, by the way.

Here are some of my oval-framed faves from the new Minted wedding invite collection:

2015 Wedding Invitation Trends : Oval Frames

1. Floral Crown by Lori Wemple 2. Flora Frame by Laura Hankins 3. Midnight Foliage by Alethea and Ruth 4. Gold Portrait by Phrosné Ras 5. Gallery Abstract Art by Alethea and Ruth 6. Grand Fleur by Kristie Kern 7. Gilt Agate by Kaydi Bishop 8. Prettiest Wreath by Phrosné Ras 9. Sunwashed Wildflowers by Frooted Design 10. The Union by Dana Beckwith 11. Buchanan by Keen Peachy 12. Painted Wreath by Jennifer Wick

images from Minted

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Abstract Modern Notepads by Frances Lab

Oil Pastel Abstract Modern Notepad | Frances Lab

These modern notepads by Frances Lab are just the thing for anyone who has a penchant for painterly, abstract stationery. The eye-catching designs are a great blend of utility and artistry, with sleek and simple writing areas that serve as a contrast to creative backdrops that include everything from painterly splashes of rich color to minimalist, geometric pattern.

Onyx Modern Notepad | Frances Lab

Gemini Modern Abstract Notepad | Frances Lab

Gamut Modern Notepad | Frances Lab

images from Frances Lab

Spencer Wilson for Lagom

I’m a sucker for a cute card, and these new designs by illustrator Spencer Wilson for Lagom immediately caught my eye. The simple yet bold color palette of red and black with embossed gold details is an instant attention grabber, and the sweet illustrations of dapper dudes, tiny tuba players, and stylish insects are simply irresistible.

Be sure to head on over to Lagom to see all of Spencer Wilson’s dashing designs!

Illustrated Greeting Cards by Spencer Wilson for Lagom

images from Lagom

Quick Picks : 3.26.15

Food for Though Book Collection by Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler

Food for Though Book Collection by Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler (such a clever concept!)

This Week’s PIcks

♥ These illustrated greeting cards by Helen Dardik for Roger la Borde are so much fun.

Clean and contemporary geometry collides with retro modernism in this brand new range of notebooks from Rocket68. – via

♥ These Sew a Picture printables from Tinyme are adorable … and a great craft for kids, too!

♥ Lovin’ these hand lettered notepads from the How Joyful shop.

♥ A sweet, new illustrated children’s book series featuring playful paper pop-up elements by Cally Jane Studio.

image from Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler