Fox & Fallow Spring / Summer ’16 Collections

Fox & Fallow 2017 Summer Vibes Calendar

The National Stationery Show is less than a week away and, even though I won’t be there in person, I am SO excited just thinking about all of the wonderful paper goods that will be on display!

Stationers like Brisbane, Australia-based Fox & Fallow (booth #1545) are most certainly adding to my excitement, with three collections that will be launching at the show, including the awesome Summer Vibes collection, which features a perfect pastel palette, totally tubular geometric pattern, holographic foil details, and ’80s-inspired illustration. How rad is that calendar (above)?!

In addition to the Summer Vibes collection, Fox & Fallow will also be launching Aloha, which has a lovely, tropical vibe, and Totem, a must see for anyone who loves chic, modern paper goods. The full launch includes four calendars; beautiful, fabric covered journals plus a 2017 planner (Fox & Fallow’s first!); clip board packs that include super cool, engraved clipboards and cedar wood pencils; and an array of goodies with holographic foil details.

I’ve gathered just a few of my faves from the new collections below, and be sure to keep your eye out for all of the fantastic, new paper goods over on Fox & Fallow.

Fox & Fallow Spring / Summer 2016 Paper Goods & Stationery Collections

images from Fox & Fallow

Quick Picks : 5.5.16

Diz-Diz Popcorn Packaging by TATABI Studio

Pretty, Pretty Popcorn Packaging by TATABI Studio

This Week’s Picks

♥ Looking for a last minute Mother’s Day card or three? Check out these cute (and free) printable Mother’s Day cards from Sarah Hearts.

♥ Fellow Hayao Miyazaki fans, you’ve gotta see these very cool, minimalist color palette prints inspired by Miyazaki’s most noteworthy films. – via

♥ If you find yourself firmly seated on the unicorn love train, then you’ll want to head on over to Oh Happy Day and download these free printable origami unicorn gift tags. Go, unicorns!

♥ Ooh, these pretty printable pastel pizza boxes by Design Is Yay for A Subtle Revelry really caught my eye. So cute.

♥ Why, hello, inky awesomeness.

images from The Dieline / TATABI Studio

Owen Gildersleeve Paper Illustration & Sculpture

Paper Illustration by Owen Gildersleeve

My paper lovin’ heart skipped a beat when the incredible work of London-based designer, papercraft illustrator, and set maker, Owen Gildersleeve, popped up in my inbox recently. Gildersleeve’s illustrations often “play with light and shadow, frequently combining multiple layered paper-cuts with graphical forms and hand-rendered typography”, resulting in pieces with wonderful dimension and touches of playfulness that draw the viewer in immediately.

Gildersleeve’s clients include Google, Kiehl’s, Scientific American, and The Washington Post, and he is also the author of Paper Cut: An Exploration Into the Contemporary World of Papercraft Art and Illustration, which features the work of some of the world’s top papercraft illustrators, including many of my personal favorites, such as Yulia Brodskaya, Helen Musselwhite, Jeff Nishinaka, and Zim & Zou. Yeah, you know this book is at the top of my wishlist!

You can see more of Owen Gildersleeve’s amazing work here and here.

Owen Gildersleeve Paper Illustration & Paper Sculpture

Owen Gildersleeve Paper Illustration & Paper Sculpture

Owen Gildersleeve Paper Illustration & Paper Sculpture

Owen Gildersleeve Paper Illustration & Paper Sculpture

Owen Gildersleeve Paper Illustration & Paper Sculpture

images from Owen Gildersleeve & Levine / Leavitt

Unstoppable Kawaii Mini Cards by Chic + Nawdie

Chic + Nawdie Watercolor Birthday Bear Mini Card

If you have a major soft spot for cute critters (like I do), then Chic + Nawdie’s Unstoppable Kawaii mini card collection will be an immediate addition to your list of paper cravings.

These totally cute 3.5″ x 5″ greetings each feature a different, whimsical watercolor critter by Nhung Le, the designer and illustrator behind Chic + Nawdie, Critters include everyone from a dancing birthday bear (above) to a sunshine-y lion, a trumpeting elephant, an electrified giraffe, and a birthday bunny. Be sure to head on over to Chic + Nawdie to check out all of the totally adorbs cards in this collection of mini greetings. But first, have a peek at some of my faves below:

Unstoppable Kawaii Mini Cards by Chic + Nawdie

images from Chic + Nawdie