Daylight Dreamers : A Collaborative Letterpress Print

Daylight Dreamers Letterpress Print

Rachael from Pistachio Press gave me a heads up about a lovely new collaborative letterpress print, Daylight Dreamers, that she and Jacqueline Bos just released and, well, it’s completely dreamy. Rachael and Jackie initially met through blog comments and emails (the power of the internets!), and when they met in person they knew that good things were coming.

Daylight Dreamers Letterpress Print

Daylight Dreamers Letterpress Print

They’ve both been hard at work putting together this print, which features a soft, four color palette and includes a teeny bonus dreamcatcher print. Each is hand numbered, and the prints are available in a limited run of 100. You can pick yours up at Pistachio Press or Jacqueline Bos’ Etsy shop.

images from Pistachio Press / Jacqueline Bos

Barocca Monograms and Nelly Frames from Tart Workshop / Crystal Kluge

It always makes my day to hear about new fonts and goodies from Crystal Kluge of Tart Workshop. I was certainly stoked this time around when she let me know that she has not one, but two, fantastic new additions to her ever growing menagerie of beautiful fonts, which includes Nelly Script, Nelly Script Flourish, Carrotflower, and more. I think I know of two fonts that you’ll be seeing soon in the Fontly Five!

Barocca Monograms Font Tart Workshop

Swoon … Barocca Monograms is a real stunner, isn’t it? The flourished calligraphy letters would look exquisite on wedding invitations and personalized stationery.

Nelly Frames Font Tart Workshop

And there’s a new addition to the Nelly family! Nelly Frames is the perfect compliment to all of those typographic lovelies that you’ve created with Nelly Script and Nelly Script Flourish, and the frames can stand on their own or with additional fonts, as well, for a variety of creative projects. Interlocking corners, sides, and centers combine to create a practically endless number of different looks.

images from Crystal Kluge / Tart Workshop

A Raffle for Liam

A Raffle for Liam

Lynn Russell, the talented designer and printer behind Satsuma Press, recently launched a raffle for her wonderful son, Liam, who just turned 6. Liam has a neuromuscular disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2, and 100% of the proceeds from the raffle will go toward building an accessible bathroom for this awesome little guy. The raffle will run until May 9th, and the lineup of artists contributing goodies for the raffle giveaway is absolutely stellar (you can see the full list of participants here).

You can find out more about Liam and this fantastic raffle, and purchase raffle tickets, over at We Love Liam. And, if you can, please help spread the word!

image from Lynn Russell