The New Paper Crave is Live!

I’m so excited to be able to show you what I’ve been working on for the past couple of months – a new Paper Crave site design!

The layout hasn’t changed much, but there’s plenty of new stuff going on, including new features, categories, and a brand new directory, which is empty right now but will soon start filling up with paper resources.

I read each and every piece of feedback that you submitted in the survey a little while back — thanks, again, for all the great input — and I have several new features in the works based on what you’ve told me. I’ll be debuting these, as well as a few additional features, in the coming weeks and months. New features that you can see right now include:

Fontly Five – It’s a silly name, but I’m kind of a silly person, and I love fonts. The Fontly Five is a regularly updated list of my favorite new (and new to me) fonts that you can see in the sidebar on the main part of the site if you scroll down just a bit, and my hope is that this feature will serve as an inspirational companion to the craveable paper goods featured on the site.

Quick Picks – There’s so much awesome stuff going on that it’s sometimes difficult for me to keep up with everything, and Quick Picks will provide me a way to share some of the cool things that I’ve spotted which aren’t necessarily paper, or which don’t fit into a full post on the site. You can see my latest quick picks beside the Fontly Five in the right sidebar.

Shop – The shop is a collection of links to some of my favorite paper goods from third party sites, and if you make purchases through many of these links, I will earn a small commission that helps pay server costs and support this site. The shop is currently empty but will be filling up with lots of super cool paper good soon!

RSS Image Issues Update: I know that several of you have been experiencing issues with viewing images in your RSS readers, and I’m pretty certain that this is happening because of the hotlinking protection code that I put on the site when other websites started stealing enough bandwidth that it became a problem. I’ve removed the code for the time being to see if this resolves the issue, and if you happen to read this and are someone who has been having issues with the images, please let me know if it’s made a difference!

Also, if you’ve suddenly noticed a bunch of fontly five and quick picks posts in your feed reader, I apologize! My intent was to exclude these categories from feeds, but somehow they’re still getting in there. I’m looking for a solution that will work with the current version of WordPress and will hopefully have this resolved soon.

I hope that you enjoy the new site!

2010 Calendar Roundup, Part 5

It’s calendar roundup Thursday! Are you excited? I’m still finding plenty of lovely 2010 calendars, and I think that I’ll have one more official roundup next week. Then it’s all about the holiday cards! If you haven’t caught previous roundups, then you’ll want to check out parts one, two, three, and four. Alright, here we go!

JooJoo’s 2010 giclee calendar features prints of 12 digitally colored (and adorable) pen illustrations, and you can cut and frame the images after you’re finished with the calendar — example shown in the original calendar listing:

JooJoo 2010 Calendar

Pearl & Marmalade’s hanging calendar is strung on pretty jute twine and features lovely vintage and nature illustrations:

Pearl & Marmalade 2010 Calendar

Bring on the wanderlust with Alicia Bock’s Paris: A Love Story 2010 calendar, which includes 12 of her favorite scenes from her last trip to Paris. Swoon…

Alicia Bock Paris Love Story Calendar

I’m loving the whimsical, colorful illustrations on Fashion Fucsia’s wall calendar:

Fashion Fucsia

Beautiful modern pattern and illustration decorate Avie Design’s 2010 desk calendar:

Avie 2010 Calendar

I’m digging the blind letterpress cover work and festive illustrations on Paisley Tree Press’ calendar:

Paisley Tree Letterpress Calendar

Warm, soft colors and beautiful vintage imagery decorate Paper and Inkling’s 2010 desk calendar:

Paper & Inkling 2010 Calendar

As Michelle Brusegaard says herself, her colorful 2010 poster calendar features a little bit of everything, including her original illustrations of poppies, birds, patterns, feathers, flowers, and bunnies:

Michelle Brusegaard Poster Calendar

Amy Marcella’s calendar features 12 original, botanical themed illustrations and includes areas where you can write notes, appointments, and occasion reminders:

Amy Marcella Calendar

The Stationery Boutique’s Icons desk calendar will perk up any space with its bright, modern patterns:

Stationery Boutique Icon Calendar

Love the mix of hand lettering and illustrations in Lark Press’ 2010 letterpress wall calendar:

Lark Press Letterpress Calendar

Lark Press Letterpress Calendar

Those of you digging the recent circus trend will love Colette Paperie’s 2010 circus themed wall calendar:

Colette Paperie Letterpress Calendar

images from their respective owners

Hermes Christmas Windows by Benja Harney

Benja Harney Hermes

I’ve been excitedly following paper artist Benja Harney’s blog to see in progress shots from his work on the Hermès Christmas windows, and if the work in progress shots weren’t breathtaking enough, then the final windows are absolutely stunning! Amazing, amazing work, and if you happen to live in Sydney, then you’re one of the lucky ones because you can see the wings — oh, and the Hermès products, too — in person at the Hermès at Market and Elizabeth St.

Benja Harney Hermes

Benja Harney Hermes

Benja Harney Hermes

Benja Harney Hermes

images from Benja Harney

Olliegraphic Personalized Paper Goods

Olliegraphic Sarah + Abraham

Sarah + Abraham just launched their new Olliegraphic line, which features all sorts of fun customizable paper goods. You can choose names, ages, hairstyles, hair colors, eye shapes and colors, and more for all of the retro style illustrated characters that will be featured on greeting cards, notepads, personalized stationery, calling cards, invitations, art prints, and lots of other fun stuff.

Olliegraphic Sarah + Abraham

Olliegraphic Sarah + Abraham

This printed line is a collaboration between Sarah + Abraham and Olliegraphic, and you can find printable PDF versions of several of the items over at the original Olliegraphic shop, where you can also work with Meg, the illustrator behind the shop, to create custom invitations, labels, and more!

Olliegraphic Sarah + Abraham

Olliegraphic Sarah + Abraham

images from Sarah + Abraham