Constellation & Co. Letterpress Cards + Invitations

Letterpress Library Card Constellation & Co.

I’m loving what I’m seeing from Sara & Brad McNally, aka Constellation & Co., the Seattle based letterpress and design duo who recently launched their line of Sweet and Snarky letterpress mini cards, clever greetings like the Want to See My Library Card above (love it!), and letterpress posters and prints. Constellation & Co.’s portfolio is also filled with lovely custom letterpress invitations and announcements, a few of which you can get a peek at below. Head over to Constellation & Co. to check out their portfolio, and have a look at their full line of ready to order paper goodies at the Constellation & Co. Etsy shop.

Sweet and Snarky Mini Letterpress Cards, perfect for many occasions and for your friends and family who are totally crushing on Abraham Lincoln:

Sweet and Snarky Letterpress Mini Cards

Selections from the Constellation & Co. custom invitation portfolio:

Custom Letterpress Birth Announcement

Custom Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Custom Letterpress Wedding Invitation

images from Constellation & Co.

Shop Cottage Industrialist

Cottage Industrialist Fabric Covered Notebook

Cameron from Cottage Industrialist just launched a new shop, and it’s filled to the brim with lovely paper goodies like the fabric covered notebook above. Cameron also has a number of fun and stylish printable stationery sets that are just the thing for a correspondence collection that’s in need of something new. Oh, and did I mention that the fabrics covering the notebooks were designed by Cameron? You can actually purchase the fabric separately, so if you’re a seamstress or are looking for bold and vibrant patterned fabric for a project, you should definitely check it out!

More awesome goodies from the Cottage Industrialist shop (see the entire collection here):

Cottage Industrialist Fabric Covered Notebook

Cottage Industrialist Printable Stationery

Cottage Industrialist Fabric Covered Notebook

Cottage Industrialist Printable Stationery

Cottage Industrialist Fabric Covered Notebook

images from Cottage Industrialist

Even More Awesome Business Cards

The awesome business card designs have been building up in my bookmarks, and I think it’s about time for another round of swoonworthy business card design inspiration. Oh, boy, do I ever have some fantastic designs to show you!

First up are motion graphics designer Sophie Gallo’s handmade business cards. She calls this project “her Everest”, and I can see why. She used a combination of screen printing, Gocco, and letterpress techniques to create these beauties. I’m absolutely fascinated by her use of an etching press as a letterpress. Sophie actually shares a video of the process, so you can see how she used the press. Hmm, defnitely has me thinking. Here are the beauteous results:

Sophie Gallo Business Cards

How can you not love a business card that has been die cut in the shape of a pear, and a bearded pear, at that? And that logo is so memorable and fun! – via FPO

Uncle Pear Business Cards

I’m swooning over these letterpress business cards for web development and design company Ackmann & Dickenson, printed by Studio on Fire. Custom duplex paper, a silver/gray/navy blue palette, custom die cutting, and a fantastic quilted letterpress pattern … just … swoon.

Ackmann & Dickenson Letterpress Business Cards

Ooh, this is one sexy business card. Created by Studio Z Mendocino for Maria Bernal Photography, the card features hot pink edge painting, clear, pewter-y silver and hot pink foil stamping, and it’s letterpressed onto ultra thick, museum mount paper. – via Card Observer

Maria Bernal Letterpress Business Card

Love this letterpressed business card for Image is Found, part of the identity system created for the company by designer Lindsay Preston. Using the logo to create the pattern on the cards is so clever.

Image Is Found Letterpress Business Cards

More fantastic pattern in a bold and lovely teal on Cleanwash’s letterpress business cards. I absolutely adore their logo, too!

Cleanwash Letterpress Business Cards

These business cards for photographer/videographer Cale Glendening by Invisible Creature are little works of art. From the chic, embossed black mini envelopes to the die cut area that creates a filmstrip effect when the business card is pulled from the envelope, these cards are swoonworthy personified. – via Notcot

Cale Glendening Embossed Business Cards

Letterpress plaid (!) patterns are jaw droppingly cool on these business cards designed by Mark Saunders for PlaidLab and printed by Studio on Fire.

Mark Saunders Letterpress Business Cards

Oh so adorable and lovely letterpress business cards for jewelry designer Elephantine by We Heart Paper:

Elephantine Letterpress Business Cards

Love the pattern and texture on these embossed, foil stamped, and engraved business cards for Vertical Product Development / Soudy Khan. – via Card Observer

VPD Letterpress Business Cards

images from their respective owners

Spring Olive Cheeky Phrase Cards

Spring Olive Letterpress Phrase Cards

I’m completely digging the new Cheeky Phrase Cards from Spring Olive. The  fun letterpress greetings feature phrases like “You Rock”, “Chin Up”, and “Howdy” and are a great, more informal way to let friends and family know that you’re thinking of them. I just love the combination of hand lettered phrases and ornate pattern on kraft stock in this pretty (and fun!) collection. More cheeky eye candy:

Spring Olive Letterpress Phrase Cards

Spring Olive Letterpress Phrase Cards

Spring Olive Letterpress Phrase Cards

Spring Olive Letterpress Phrase Cards

images from Spring Olive

Paper Source Mums Wreath Kit

Paper Source Mums Wreath Kit

Last week, I popped into Paper Source for the first time in a little while. I can’t go too often, or I’d be completely broke, so I try to pace myself. This usually doesn’t work, as I get too tempted, but I try to resist. Really, I do. Anyway, as soon as I walked in, I spotted the most gorgeous paper mums wreath. The wreath looks even more beautiful in person than in the photo, and it turns out that it’s a kit that you can make! Pretty cool, huh, and such a nice decoration for autumn. Paper Source’s flower and wreath kits seem to get more ornate and wonderful every year, and the mums wreath is definitely at the top of my list.

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