The Feedback Loop Notebook Project

The Feedback Loop Project Notebooks

The web has been buzzing about the new Feedback Loop Notebook Project, and I’m hopping right on the buzzwagon because it’s a fantastic concept for a great cause. The project launched on September 8 and is a collaboration between Mohawk Fine Papers and Design Ignites Change.

25 leading letterpress printers were invited to participate in the project, using their creative and technical prowess to create limited edition letterpress notebooks (just 50 of each design is available) on Mohawk’s Loop paper, which was donated for the project. The result is a spectacular cornucopia of amazing notebooks featuring each printer’s special touch, and they’re all available for purchase in a special section of the Felt & Wire Shop. The notebooks are just $15, and 100% of the proceeds benefit kids via School : By Design, a youth mentoring initiative that asks high school students, in collaboration with their mentors, to redesign their school.

Here’s just a taste of what you can find over at Felt & Wire’s Feedback Loop shop. I especially love seeing all of the different binding techniques used:

Visual Chemist Letterpress Notebook


Fly Wheel Press Letterpress Notebook

Flywheel Press

Cleanwash Letterpress Notebook

Cleanwash Letterpress

Dock 2 Letterpress Notebook

Dock 2 Letterpress

Smart & Wiley Letterpress Notebook

Smart & Wiley

Thomas Printers Letterpress Notebook

Thomas Printers

All printers participating in The Feedback Loop Project:

Jenni Undi, Lunalux

Jason McDaniel, Owner/Creative Director, Missing Q Press

Matthew Kelsey, Printer, MK Printer

Christine Schneider, The Petite Press

Karl Heine, Designer Journals

kHyal, kHyal Kouture

Lindy Sinclair, Rohner Letterpress

Jeremy Peterson, Matter

David Wolske, Smart & Wiley

Jeff Macklin, Owner/Printer, Jackson Creek Press

Brittany Skwierczynski

Mick Hodgson, PhD

Colleen Walsh, Cleanwash Letterpress

Michael Dacey, Repeat Press

Toni Hung, Praxium Press

Rajshel Juhan, Jane Hancock Papers

Allison Chapman, Igloo Letterpress

Emily Martin, Orange Beautiful

Amber Ellis-Seguine, Flywheel Press

Natalie Lakhan, Amuse-Toi Bien

Tony Zanni, Dock 2 Letterpress

Catherine Realce, Visualchemist

Kseniya Thomas, Thomas-Printers

Jessica C. White, Heroes & Criminal Press

images from Felt & Wire

Dude and Chick Letterpress Birthday Cards

Hee! I’m getting a kick out of the line of letterpress greetings from St. Paul, Minnesota based letterpress studio, Dude and Chick. All of the cards from “DNC” are designed, illustrated, and printed in-house by John Gurtin and Katie Wilson, the duo behind Dude and Chick, and I’m loving the humor and style in their cards. Here are some of my favorite birthday greetings from their shop:

Dude and Chick Letterpress Birthday Cards


Dude and Chick Letterpress Birthday Cards


Dude and Chick Letterpress Birthday Cards

Frickity Frack

Dude and Chick Letterpress Birthday Cards

Steppin’ Out

Dude and Chick Letterpress Birthday Cards

Cake Eaters

Dude and Chick Letterpress Birthday Cards

Grow Crazy

images from Dude and Chick

Pawling Print Recycled Chipboard Notebooks

Pawling Print is stoking my love for chipboard with their oh so chic, modern, mini geometric patterned notebooks. Love the beautiful patterns and the black ink on chipboard! The notebooks are 3.5″ x 5″ and  feature 100% recycled chipboard covers printed with soy based inks, and the interiors contain 32 100% recycled paper pages. Sets of 2, 4, and 8 notebooks are available, as are fantastic patterned tea towels, throw pillows, and totes.

Pawling Print Recycled Chipboard Mini Notebooks

Pawling Print Recycled Chipboard Mini Notebooks

Pawling Print Recycled Chipboard Mini Notebooks

Also available are super cool, geometric patterned cards:

Pawling Print Geometric Cards

images from Pawling Print


I just returned from a weeklong out of state trip and am in the process of playing catch up with my inbox and regular reads, so no regularly scheduled programming today. But I’ll be back next week with plenty of new paper goodies and eye candy for you, and From the Shop Friday and Weekly Wrap will return next Friday. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Present & Correct Desk Rubber Stamps

Present & Correct has some of the most fun and clever office supplies around, and I’m absolutely loving their new “From the desk of” rubber stamps. The stamps are available in three designs: a  vintage typewriter, sticky notes, and a pencil/ruler combination. If it’s possible for office papers to have a wow factor, then these stamps will provide it!

Present & Correct Desk Rubber Stamps

Present & Correct Desk Rubber Stamps

images from Present & Correct