Valentine’s Day Cards Roundup, Part 2

Today I’m continuing with all things Valentine’s Day in part two of my card roundup. Lots of pretties here, and I’m delighted that so many designers are stepping outside the box and using unexpected color schemes and inventive imagery in their Valentine’s Day lines. Psst, if you missed it, catch part one of my roundup over here.

Wiley Valentine has so many fantastic new letterpress Valentine’s Day cards this year. Hee, the kissy fish one makes me smile:

Wiley Valentine Letterpress Cards

Gorgeous black on white letterpress Love greeting cards and Valentine Gift Flags from In Haus Press:

In Haus Press Letterpress Love Cards

Letterpress printed Love at First Sight and Damn Fine linocut prints (not cards, but they’re so cute that I had to include them) by Slow Industries:

Letterpress Linocut Prints by Slow Industries

Super sweet letterpress Valentine’s Day cards (mini cards and gift tags also available) from Sweet Harvey:

Letterpress Valentine's Day Cards Sweet Harvey

Nutty and Bee Mine Valentine’s Day greeting cards from Inklosures:

Inklosures Valentine's Day Cards

Elephant Love letterpress cards from Fine Day Press. So cute!

Elephant Love Letterpress Card

Heart Love and Be My Valentine cards, printed on 100% cotton paper from Laura Macchia:

Valentine's Day Cards Laura Macchia

Cheeky fun Valentine’s Day cards from I’ll Know It When I See It:

Cheeky Valentine's Day Cards

images from their respective owners

The Letterpress Decider

The Letterpress Decider Novelty

Do you have a tough time making up your mind? If so, then The Decider by Marquand Ephemera may be just the thing that you need in your life. This letterpress novelty isn’t just good-looking, it’s also very helpful to those who are decision impaired. The Decider features a handy dandy spinner in the middle and a selection of decisions for the most commonly indecisive areas of life listed around said spinner. Choose the area where you need help making a decision – work, friends, exercise, money, etc. – give The Decider a spin, and your decision is made!

Letterpress Decider Novelty

Marquand Ephemera Decider Novelty

images from Marquand Ephemera

The King’s 6th Finger by Jolby & Rachel Roellke

Jolby Illustration

It was lurve at first sight when I recently came across the illustration work of Jolby – I’m crushing on a wedding invitation that they designed over at Invitation Crush today, too – and I’m in full on squee mode over The King’s 6th Finger, the result of a collaborative effort between Jolby and Rachel Roellke. The book is about a king named Mortimer who is obsessed with the number 5. One day, he looks down at his hand and discovers that he’s grown a 6th finger! What ever will he do to rid himself of the extra digit?

This book looks like a lot of fun, and the illustrations are absolutely fantastic, as are pretty much all of the illustrations in the Jolby portfolio. You can purchase The King’s 6th Finger over at Jolby’s Etsy shop, where they also sell art prints, cards, and super cool laser cut wood pieces.

A peek at the book:

The King's 6th Finger

Jolby Illustration

The King's 6th Finger


The King's 6th Finger

Jolby Illustration

images from Jolby

Letterpress Greetings by Leigh Wells and Milkfed Press

I’m completely digging the results of the recent collaboration between calligrapher Leigh Wells and Milkfed Press! This set of six cheeky letterpress greetings would make a fantastic gift or addition to your everyday correspondence stash, and the “Love You” and “XOXO” greetings could also double as Valentine’s Day cards.

Cards are letterpress printed with charcoal ink on white paper and come with kraft envelopes. Each set is wrapped in a glassine envelope tied with twine. Pick up your set over at Leigh Wells’ site.

Leigh Wells Milkfed Press Greeting Cards

Letterpress Greeting Cards

Leigh Wells Lettered Letterpress Cards

images from Leigh Wells

Printable Valentine’s Day Stationery by A Little Hut

Printable Valentine's Day Stationery

This printable Valentine’s Day stationery set from A Little Hut is a delightful bundle of heart-embellished paper goodness. The kit features a wide array of Valentine’s Day goodies, including printable envelope and envelope liner templates, a cut out heart card template, a blank February calendar, hearts that you can cut out and use as embellishments, note cards/gift tags/mini cards, a heart shaped gift box template, and lots more to keep both kids and adults busy creating Valentine’s Day goodies for friends and loved ones.

Valentine's Day Heart Ornament and Card

Heart Shaped Box Template

Printable Valentine's Day Stationery

images from A Little Hut