Pinball Publishing’s Wonderful World of Chipboard

A couple of weeks ago, Pinball Publishing had a great blog post all about chipboard, one of their favorite papers to print on. I can see why they love this paper so much — it gives the finished product a certain something, and this something can be anything from a somewhat rustic/handmade feel to something a little edgier, depending on the graphics. Plus, chipboard is 100% recycled, so it’s earth friendly, too!

You can see Pinball’s ever growing collection of chipboard projects over at their Wonderful World of Chipboard. Here’s a taste:

Pinball Publishing Chipboard

images from Pinball Publishing

Lucky Bee Press

Lucky Bee Press

I felt a sense of warmth wash over me when I first spotted Lucky Bee Press’ lovely letterpress greeting cards, invitations, and gift tags. The images that decorate Lucky Bee’s cards include sweet children, woodland creatures, and florals often done in an outline style, and I can’t resist the adorable little hedgehogs featured on several cards and invitations, including one of their holiday designs (above). Lucky Bee has a special going right now; if you purchase their letterpress cards or tags in sets of six, then they are only $3 each!

A little more eye candy from Lucky Bee:

Lucky Bee Press
Lucky Bee Press
Lucky Bee Press
Lucky Bee Press

images from Lucky Bee Press

Sparklepaw Greeting Cards

Sparklepaw Greeting Cards

I hope that everyone had a great weekend — a nice, long one if you observed Labor Day! And thanks to everyone for the continuing feedback via the reader survey. It seems that several of you are having problems seeing images via your feed readers or in your email subscriptions, and I appreciate you sharing more details with me so I can hopefully get to the bottom of this issue. I’m working on it! And, in the meantime, back to our regularly scheduled paper cravings…

Cuuuuute! Is there really more that you can say about these greeting cards from Sparklepaw? Cutie patootie whales, deer, owls, and even a little cloud that are sure to put a smile on your face. I also love how the illustrations feature patterns and textures that give the designs even more depth. Great stuff! Sparklepaw carries pocket mirrors and recipe cards, in addition to greeting cards, and you can see them all in their Etsy shop.

images from Sparklepaw

Paper Crave Reader Survey Update

Thank you to everyone who has taken the Paper Crave reader survey so far. Your feedback has been great — keep it coming! For those of you who haven’t yet taken the survey, you still have plenty of time. I’m taking submissions until September 14, and remember that completion of the survey also enters you to win one of two free copies of Home, Paper, Scissors by Patricia Zapata.

I’ve noticed in the feedback that I’ve received so far that a few of you have been having issues seeing images in your RSS feed reader or in your emails. If those of you who have been having trouble have a few moments, would you mind either commenting here or emailing me (kristenATpapercraveDOTcom) and letting me know which feed reader or email program you’re using? I’m trying to get to the bottom of this, and your input will greatly help!

Have a great weekend, everyone. It’s a long weekend here in the US with the Labor Day holiday, so I will see you all back here on Tuesday!

Oh Joy! for Chronicle Books

Oh Joy! has a new collection of paper goods at Chronicle Books, and everything is absolutely beautiful. The collection includes mix and match stationery, mailers, Joy’s signature metallic foil stamped file folders, labels, stickers, and sticky notes. I’m loving the color palette, which features teal, white, and warm browns and grays:

Oh Joy! Chronicle Books

images from Oh Joy!