Father’s Day Cards for Awesome Dads, Part 4

This is it, the last of this year’s Father’s Day card roundups! There are still some great cards to share, so let’s get right to it, and if you missed part 3 earlier today, then you can check it out here.

Father's Day Cards

Above, clockwise from top : Owl Dad card by Deluce Design, Swiss Army Knife Father’s Day card by Emilee Rose, Darth Vader “You are my father” card by Method Letterpress, Happy Father’s Day to My Dear Old Dad by Printerette Press, “Love ya Papa” card by Igloo Letterpress, Blue Ribbon Father’s Day card by Sycamore Street Press, Dad, Here’s to You by Paper Plates Press, Happy Father’s Day by Tabletop Made, and Thanks Pops by Papillon Press

images from their respective owners

Father’s Day Cards for Awesome Dads, Part 3

Alrighty, I have one last big bunch of Father’s Day cards to share with you today, but I’ll be splitting it up into two posts so I don’t overwhelm you with all of the Father’s Day awesomeness in one post. Sound good? And if you’re looking for even more card possibilities, then check out the first two Father’s Day card roundups, which feature lots of great designs. Ready? Here we go!

Father's Day Cards

Above, clockwise from top left : Dad … You’re the Best by Starshaped Press, Seahorse Father’s Day card by Anemone Letterpress, “I was going to get you a tie” letterpress card by Wild Ink Press, Blank-est Dad Ever Trophy card by Cotton Flower Press, Pirate Dad card by Deluce Design, Father’s Day cards by Sass & Peril, and “Just the way you are, Dad” by Sweet Letter Press

images from their respective owners

40th Birthday Party Invites with Pizazz

40th Birthday Party Letterpress Invitations

Now, this is a 40th birthday party invitation with joie de vivre! Margot Madison created these gorgeous letterpress invites for her upcoming birthday, and I can only imagine how wonderful the celebration will be. The invitations were letterpress printed on super thick Crane stock and feature party details in hot pink ink, with a beautiful, blind-debossed mandala that was echoed in dark pink on the back envelope flap. And speaking of envelopes, the hot pink pretties were lined with a bold, colorful print (also designed by Margot), a perfect finishing touch for these vibrant invitations.

Happy Birthday a little early, Margot, and thanks for sharing these amazing invites!

Margot Madison Birthday Party Invites

images from Margot Madison

Southern Fete’s 2011 Wedding Invite Collection

Southern Fete Creative launched their new 2011 wedding invitation collection last week and, wow, there’s so much wedding invitation eye candy to be found amongst the 20 new suites! You’ll find wedding suites inspired by everything from 60’s mod to Robin Hood to Nancy Drew in the new collection – love it! Here’s a sneak peek at some of my favorite pieces (you can check the entire line out right here):

Wedding Invitations by Southern Fete Creative

Top row : Nancy Suite invitation (left) and Amelia Suite invitation (right)

Middle row : Ombre Suite save the date (left) and Marian Suite invitation (right)

Bottom row : Sadie Suite invitation (left) and Marlo Suite save the date (right)

images from Southern Fete Creative

Garden Party Letterpress Stand-Up Cards

I spotted these fantastic Garden Party letterpress stand-up cards by Suzy Ultman (love her work!) for Igloo Letterpress  in several of the National Stationery Show highlights posts making the interweb rounds recently, and I could not wait until they were available. Okay, so I’ll admit that I might’ve been stalking the Igloo Letterpress shop just a little bit over the past couple of weeks, but my Igloo-stalking days are over (for now) because the cards are in the shop!

Suzy Ultman Igloo Letterpress Cards

Garden Party Letterpress Cards

Suzy Ultman Stand-Up Cards

images from Igloo Letterpress