Jordana + David’s Modern Storybook Wedding Invitations

My heart was set aflutter as soon as I laid eyes on these gorgeous yellow and black book style wedding invitations, designed by Christine Flynn of Love the Card. I’m completely taken with everything about this suite — the modern pattern, the custom envelope, the actual photos with photo corners (love!), and the story of Jordana and David, which is so personal and touching that many of the couple’s guests contacted them immediately after receiving their invitations to tell them that they teared up when they read the story.

Modern Storybook Wedding Invitations

Modern Storybook Wedding Invitations

Jordana, the bride, who has been an event manager in Toronto for 11+ years, has long believed that an invitation sets the tone for the event to follow (I agree completely), and when it came time to create her own wedding invites, she knew exactly what she wanted. Book style invitations are such a unique choice, and they allowed the couple to share their story with their guests, including those friends and family who live out of town and don’t get to spend much time around the couple.

Modern Storybook Wedding Invitations

Christine Flynn of Love the Card (her wedding stationery portfolio is a MUST see) instantly understood the blend of elegent and irreverent that Jordana and David were going for, and she created an amazing invitation suite that imparts the love and excitement that the couple feel about getting married, while also keeping it light and funny. These invitations aren’t just beautiful. I’m sure that they’ll also be kept as a memento for years to come by many of the guests and the couple themselves.

Modern Storybook Wedding Invitations

Modern Storybook Wedding Invitations

Modern Storybook Wedding Invitations

Bride & Groom: Jordana Novak & David Stephens
Design: Christine Flynn
Photos: Jason Nip

Personalized Megaphone Notes

These retro modern personalized notes from Mae Mae Paperie, featuring hot air balloons and megaphones, would make a fun addition to any collection of pretty paper. The set, which includes 25 flat printed notes in your choice of colorway plus matching envelopes, would also make a great gift and can be designed for general correspondence or as a set of thank yous from an individual, a couple, or a whole family — plenty of options!

Personalized Megaphone Notes

Personalized Megaphone Notes

Personalized Megaphone Notes

images from Mae Mae Paperie

How to Make a Cupcake Liner Flower Tree

Martha Stewart Weddings 15th Anniversary Issue

If you’re a regular reader of Martha Stewart Weddings, then you might recognize this, the cover of the 15th anniversary issue, featuring an absolutely gorgeous sugar flower creation by Sylvia Weinstock. Pretty amazing, huh? The idea for the craft in this post started brewing as soon as I laid eyes on this cake. I thought that the intricately ridged petals looked a little like cupcake liners. Actually, for brief instant, I thought that they might be cupcake liners.

Cupcake Liner Flower Tree

I started my experimentation with full size cupcake liners, but I felt that they were too large for the look that I was going for. Then I remembered this great cupcake liner flower tutorial from Intimate Weddings, which used mini cupcake liners, and I used this as a jumping off point to create the flowers on the cupcake liner tree. I was delighted with the results!

Cupcake Liner Flower Tree Detail

The cupcake liner trees would make wonderful accents for reception or buffet tables at weddings, and you could use different colors and patterns for different looks. Red and white striped liners would be great for circus or retro themed parties, and I’m already planning on making a Halloween tree using black liners. Here’s a shop with lots of mini cupcake liner choices to inspire you.

You can easily change the look of the tree by adding crafty accents, too. Using a wire cutter, I disassembled a holiday berry pick from the craft store and used the berries to create a Christmas tree:

Cupcake Liner Flower Tree Christmas

I used one full mega pack (350 count) of the mini white baking cups (1 1/4″) from Wilton to cover one tree form, though I think that the 1 3/8″ size would work also work very well since there’s not much of a size difference. It took me a little less than two hours to put together my first tree, and since I had most of the supplies on hand already, the only thing I really needed to purchase for the craft was the baking cups, which were about $4 (less with a Jo-Ann coupon). If you had to purchase everything to make the trees, then I think you’d spend around $20, but the pins, glue gun, and glue sticks would last well beyond the first tree.

Okay, are you ready for some scrunching action?

DIY Cupcake Liner Flower Trees

Cupcake Liner Flower Tree Directions

Supplies you’ll need:

a styrofoam tree form (I used a 9” tall form)
mini cupcake liners (1 1/4” to 1 3/8” size)
straight pins, preferably with a ball head
a hot glue gun and glue sticks
accessories for decorating (ribbon, decorative picks, etc.)


1. Separate cupcake liners into groups of five. Flatten the liners, and poke a straight pin through the center of each group.

2. Gently “scrunch” the top cupcake liner around the pin head, taking care not to rip the paper.

3. Repeat the scrunching action for the remaining liners. When you’re finished, you’ll have a flower.

4. Using your thumb and forefinger, grab the flower at the bottom and press the liners together and away from the length of the pin. Add a bit of hot glue to the pin, and immediately insert into the styrofoam tree form.

5. Fold two or three layers of the liners over the pin head, taking care not to burn yourself on any hot glue that may have found its way toward the pin head, and press the pin head in until it’s flush with the tree form. Hold in place for five to ten seconds, until the glue starts to cool and the pin is firmly attached. Fluff and adjust the flower “petals”, if needed. Continue adding cupcake liner flowers, starting at the bottom of the form and working your way around and up, until the entire form is covered. Add embellishments and decorations to the tree to coordinate with your occasion, if desired.

images by Kristen Magee

More Awesome Business Cards

I was very excited last week when I received my new letterpress business cards. I’ve been wanting letterpress cards for a long time, and I’m completely jazzed about these beauties, printed by elum. I’m so happy with how they came out!

Paper Crave Letterpress Business Cards

Paper Crave Letterpress Business Cards

This also gives me the perfect opportunity to do a little roundup of some of the completely swoonworthy business cards that have caught my eye recently. I never tire of looking at pretty business cards!

Check out these business cards for Cinch Creative — owls and woodgrain on the same business card? Hello, love! – via Card Observer

Cinch Creative Letterpress Business Cards

More gorgeous letterpressed woodgrain in Verve Studio’s business cards — six passes through the press for these! The cards were designed by Leslie Vega and printed by Studio on Fire.

Verve Studio Letterpress Business Cards

Really digging these clever cards, cut to look like tags, in a rainbow of candy colors by Erin Vale.

Erin Vale Business Cards

Absolutely gorgeous business cards for photographer Lisa Rigby, designed by Funnel : Eric Kass. The cards feature engraved printed accents that make for a wonderful, textural element.

Lisa Rigby Business Cards

Beautiful red and white letterpress cards by Ribbons of Red. Printed by Angel Bomb Design. – via Oh So Beautiful Paper

Ribbons of Red Business Cards

I’d seriously love to get my hands on these letterpress business cards, designed for Touchpoint by Merge Studio and printed by Studio on Fire. Duplex paper, foil stamping, laser cutting, lovely letterpress — these cards certainly have a wow factor or ten.

Touchpoint Letterpress Business Cards

Completely droolworthy letterpress business cards for photographer Kate Murphy, designed by Jessica Hische. Hello, lovely hand lettering and vivid yellow! – via Design Work Life

Kate Murphy Letterpress Business Cards

Love the deep impression on these red and white letterpress business cards for John Henry, designed by John Henry Donovan and printed by Blush Publishing.

John Henry Letterpress Business Cards

These letterpress business cards for Cricket Design Works pack a punch of color from custom duplexed papers in the French Paper Poptone collection. Metallic silver ink adds a bit of razzle dazzle to these super cool cards, printed by Studio on Fire.

Cricket Design Works Letterpress Business Cards

images from their respective owners