Teal Passport Wedding Invitations

Teal and Navy Blue Passport Wedding Invitations

Designer Danelle Bourgeois sent over these awesome teal, passport style wedding invitations that she created for Michelle and Steve and, boy, does this sound like it was a fun project! I’m really digging the pops of pattern and the personal, meaningful details that feature throughout the suite (mangroves!), and the tear-off boarding pass RSVP card is so much fun. Here’s what Danelle has to say about this super cool suite:

Michelle and Steve wanted their wedding to be themed around their journey, since they had been together for over 10 years. After a few discussions with them, it was decided to let their travels be part of the inspiration, so the invitation was to be a passport to their wedding. Teals and turquoise became a major part of the theme, and Michelle stumbled upon this perfect teal textured card from a scrapbooking store that was to become the cover of the passports.
The story of how Michelle and Steve got together is a sort of on-going joke with their friends. When they first got together, Steve wowed Michelle with his vast knowledge of mangroves. Yes, mangroves. They wanted to have a mangrove design somehow incorporated into the invitation, since that is where their journey began, so I designed a circular stamp style motif that contained Michelle’s mangrove design to go on the front of the passport where the coat of arms usually goes.
One of the more important (and fun!) parts of the invite was The Journey spread. Michelle and Steve put together a whole bunch of stats about their 10 years together including the number of Parisian snails consumed, hours spent in gumboots at music festivals and first romantic date movie they saw together. They’ve visited 17 countries in their travels together. Wow! That deserved its own little map to show those countries that they’ve been to and a little heart to show where they are now.
Teal Passport Wedding Invitations
Map Wedding Invites
Teal Booklet Passport Style Wedding Invites
Mangrove Seal Invitations
Tear Off RSVP Wedding
Boarding Pass RSVP Wedding
images from Danelle Bourgeois

Pirate-themed 30th Birthday Party Invites

Pirate Themed Birthday Invitations

Arr, mateys! Are ye ready to see some fun and unique birthday party invites? These pirate-themed birthday party invitations were designed by Rachel from Benign Objects for a 30th birthday party that took place on a ship named the Jolly Roger in the Cayman Islands, so a pirate-themed invite suite was a perfect fit!

Treasure Map Birthday Party Invites

Rachel wanted to stick with a treasure chest concept, but she and her client wanted to update the contents with something more fitting for adults. The goal was to create something elegant and fun while avoiding too much cheesiness, and the result is a suite that’s really fun in a grown-up sort of way.

Conch Shell Birthday Invitations

The full invitation suite includes a pirate invitation, a postcard featuring a vintage ship with accommodation information on it, a card featuring a conch shell with information on the dinner following the cruise, a card featuring historic Pirate Code of Conduct and a fun “antique” map of the island. And, of course, the treasure chest also includes chocolate coins, an eyepatch, and gold nuggets gum, too. Love it!

Pirate Birthday Invites

images from Benign Objects

Spring Letterpress Prints by Tag Team Tompkins

Spring Letterpress Print Tag Team Thompkins

My love for all things Tag Team Tompkins is no secret. The duo combines gorgeous calligraphy and lovely papercut artwork with thought-provoking quotes to create letterpress prints that are simply fantastic, and their new prints for the spring season, featuring sweet words and papercut images that bring to mind warmer days and love in bloom, are just as wonderful as the deep and dark prints that they create for Halloween.

Here’s a look at more from Tag Team Tompkins’ new spring lineup:

Spring Letterpress Print

Tag Team Thompkins Letterpress Prints

Letterpress printing for Tag Team Tompkins is done by Skylab Letterpress in Kansas City, MO.

images from Tag Team Tompkins

New from Papersheep Press

Letterpress Cards by Papersheep Press

The new spring lineup of letterpressed lovelies from Papersheep Press is so much fun! New designs include everything from sets of everday flat cards, including a thank you, “Merci”, and an everyday hello, “Hey Sailor”. Also featured are a clever “coffee stained” warm hello, a great little change of address card, and a folded “Greatest” card that would be just the greeting for a new graduate or for your super awesome mom or dad.

Papersheep Letterpress Cards

Oh, and I just have to say that Papersheep’s “Knit Notes” are so cool! If you’re looking for a great stationery gift for a friend who knits, then you’ve gotta check these out.

Letterpress Knit Card

images from Papersheep Press

Weekly Wrap #68 : Masking Tape Magic

Weekly Wrap

Layered Masking Tape Embellishments

How to Make Masking Tape Borders

Ooh, a Japanese masking tape craft! Ez from Creature Comforts shares a genius technique for creating custom, layered gift wrap borders using the colorful tape + unbleached oven parchment. This looks like a lot of fun, and I love the little bunting shapes that she creates in the tutorial. Hmm … I wonder if this would work with Fiskars edging scissors, too? If so, then the possibilities are practically endless!

images from Creature Comforts