Petit Collage Maple Veneer Prints

Petit Collage has such a sweet collection of goodies, and I’m completely taken with these lovely maple veneer prints from their shop. Such wonderful colors and illustrations, and the perfect thing to hang on the wall in a child’s room, office, or anyplace where you want to add some color and cheer. So sweet!

Petit Collage Maple Veneer Print

Little Boy Art Print

San Francisco Veneer Print

Girl with Camera Wood Veneer Print

Elephant Wood Veneer Art Print

images from Petit Collage

Make Tokyo City Earthquake Fundraiser

Make Tokyo City

Words can’t really express what I’ve been feeling as I’m seeing the video and images coming from Japan over the days since a catastrophic earthquake hit the country late last week. Sadness mixed with hope, a sense that I’m watching something unreal as my mind is trying to process that all of this is really happening, positive thoughts for a country and culture that I greatly admire.

For the month of March, Justine from Upon a Fold will be donating all profits made from the sale of one of the shop’s most popular items, Make Tokyo City, to the Australian Red Cross’ Japan and Pacific Disaster Appeal. Make Tokyo City is a set of 5 postcards that capture the essence of Tokyo, and the icons featured on each postcard can be cut and assembled to create miniature models of Tokyo’s city icons. A very cool paper goodie for a great cause.

For those of us in the US, we can donate to the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army to help out, too.

In late February, Christchurch, New Zealand was also hit by a destructive earthquake that sadly affected many lives and destroyed architectural city icons, and Justine pointed out a couple of ways that you can donate to the earthquake relief efforts in that country, as well. The Li’l Quake Appeal from Li’l Magoolie is holding an online auction to benefit those affected by the NZ earthquake, and you can also make donations to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal via the New Zealand Red Cross.

image from Upon a Fold

Queenslake Letterpress Exhibition

2011 has been an incredibly tumultuous year so far, and I find myself having a hard time wrapping my mind around everything that has happened and that is currently happening around the world. Devastating floods and earthquakes, political turmoil, volcanic eruptions – it can be overwhelming to think about how many peoples’ lives have been affected and what they must be going through on a day to day basis just to survive.

I think that many of us are asking ourselves what we can do to help, and today I’ll be sharing a couple of ways that paper lovers can help, thanks to the creative thinking and generosity of those in the letterpress and stationery community.

Queenslake Letterpress Exhibition

This past January, Queensland, Australia was hit hard by disastrous flooding, filling towns with dirty, murky water and ruining many homes and businesses. As Jenna and Simon Hipgrave of The Hungry Workshop were waiting for their power to be restored, they started thinking about how they could assist in the flood relief efforts, and they started banding together some of Queensland’s leading artists and designers for what would become the Queenslake Letterpress Exhibition.

Each participating creative was given a brief to create a two color illustration that would instill hope and represent the courage and even the humor of Queenslanders. Illustrations were letterpress printed by The Hungry Workshop, and the fifteen prints cover a broad range of subjects, from iconic architectural elements to whimsical ode to “The Owl and the Pussycat”.

The limited edition prints are available online at The Hungry Workshop, and all profits will be donated to The Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal. See all of the available prints right here.

Queenslake Letterpress Exhibition

‘Pull Together’ by Karl Kwasny

Queenslake Letterpress Exhibition

‘Brislantis’ by Spew Corp

I Miss the Drought

‘Drought’ by Listen to the Graphics

Queenslake Letterpress

‘In Our Nature’ by Rinzen

Spray On Flood Relief

‘Spray on Flood Relief’ by Emlyn Allen

images from The Hungry Workshop

Weekly Wrap #63 : Ask Alice Gift Tags

Weekly Wrap

Ask Alice Gift Tags

These awesome gift tags by Ask Alice are like baseball cards – I want to collect them all! The collection includes eight different designs, perfect for putting the finishing touches on gifts for grandparents with a great sense of humor, packages for crafty friends, or gifts for offbeat, mid-century style illustration fans. And remember the new Hello! Lucky patterned papers from last week? These tags would be great paired with those papers, don’t cha think?

images from Ask Alice

St. Patrick’s Day Printables

Rainbows, pots of gold, lucky four leaf clovers, really yummy eats, and super cute printables … isn’t this what all St. Patrick’s Day celebrations should be made of?

JHill Design helps you show your Irish green (and we’re all a little bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, aren’t we?) with this versatile (and lucky) four leaf clover printable, created using their Bermuda pattern. Print and combine the clover pieces to create everything from a lapel pin to a hair accessory! Available to download for just $1 or for free with any purchase from JHill Design.

Four Leaf Clover Printable

Kathleen from Twig & Thistle shares printable St. Patrick’s Day coasters for those frosty mugs of beer that you’ll be having with all of that yummy Irish food:

Printable St. Patrick's Day Coasters

Top your St. Patrick’s Day goodie bags with these “lucky day” toppers from One Charming Party:

Printable Lucky Day Bag Toppers

Get a little love on St. Patrick’s Day when you hand out these printable “Kiss Me…” mini cards that I designed for Domestifluff:

Printable Kiss Me Mini Cards

images from their respective owners