Dimensional Paper Flower Tutorial

Paper Flower Tutorial

One of my features in the first issue of Nonpareil was all about diy favor boxes, and one of the boxes in the feature was adorned with a neato vintage brooch that I pulled from the stash of brooches, earrings, and other costume jewelry that my grandmother and other relatives have been kind enough to pass down to me over the years for incorporation into my various crafty projects.

I know that not everyone has a stash of vintage jewelry hanging around, so I created bonus project, a paper replica of the brooch that I used in the favor box feature. You can check out the tutorial and download free template files over at the Nonpareil blog. The flower would also be a fun embellishment for scrapbooking projects, other types of boxes, or handmade cards, and you can make it in any color of the rainbow or use patterned paper for even more possibilities.

image from Nonpareil/Kristen Magee

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  1. Vink Design commented //

    Simply but gorgeous!

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