Illustrated Book Proposal

A little over a month ago, illustrator Joel Kimmel let me know about the marriage proposal that he had illustrated for his own proposal to his girlfriend, Chantal. I’ve been meaning to post about it but, honestly, I think that I was just so overwhelmed by how beautiful this proposal is that I couldn’t seem to find words that were fitting for such a jaw-droppingly awesome concept. The thought that he put into it, the wonderful story he wrote that gave clues as to the nature of the ring, the little hidey hole that he cut to hold the ring and the tabbed flap to hide it — this was a labor of love, and to be the recipient of such a love-infused creation must’ve been absolutely wonderful. Not surprisingly, Chantal said yes, so a big congratulations to both Joel and his future wife! I can’t wait to see your invitations. *wink, wink*

Here are just a few images of the proposal. You can see more over at Joel’s blog, and you can read more about the ring, the proposal, and the reaction.

Joel Kimmel

Joel Kimmel

Joel Kimmel

Joel Kimmel

images from Joel Kimmel

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  1. lc commented //

    Where on earth did he get that ring? It’s fantastic!

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