Balcony Gardener Seed Packaging

Balcony Gardener

Hello, gorgeous packaging! I felt a swoon coming on the moment I spotted this absolutely fantastic seed packaging by Chloe Dunne for The Balcony Gardener over at Lovely Package the other day, and I’m still in full swoon over the bold, modern patterns and the brightly colored palette. I’m not anywhere close to being a green thumb, but these seeds make me want to start planning a balcony garden.

Balcony Gardener

images from Lovely Package / The Balcony Gardener

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6 comments on “Balcony Gardener Seed Packaging

  1. Robyn commented //

    these are fabulous…Love the clean freshness. I want to start a garden now too:)

  2. Erin at Vale Design commented //

    ahh packaging and patterns. my two favorite loves!

  3. Hannah C commented //

    cutest seed packaging I have ever seen!

  4. designjr commented //

    I love the colours and simplicity of these!

  5. Monkey Mind Design commented //

    so designer.. love the style and color!

  6. Alex Snowdon commented //

    Love the bold graphic shapes and vibrant colours!

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