Pretty Packaging by Pikku at Purl

Purl Soho Pikku
Purl Soho Pikku

Purl Soho is one of my favorite online haunts for pretty fabric, notions, and patterns, and their presentation is always top notch, so I wasn’t surprised to see that they’ve added beautiful gift packaging options for orders. I immediately recognized Pikku’s gorgeous modern gift wrap and gift tags and think that this is a fantastic match! If you’re looking for gifts for crafty friends, why not add some lovely paper to the mix?

images from Purl Soho

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6 comments on “Pretty Packaging by Pikku at Purl

  1. Jeni commented //

    Wow, really beautiful wrappings. Makes you want to order fabric and have it gift wrapped for yourself! 🙂

  2. Hannah C commented //

    lovely! i love great wrapping paper.

  3. Caitlin commented //

    By the looks of that packaging, I may have to get a jump on Christmas shopping after all!

  4. Maggie commented //

    As many cards as I keep on hand for every occasion, I kind of drop the ball on packaging. I might need to change that, starting with these great Purl Soho finds… thank you!

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