Paint Chip Chandelier

Quick Picks Thursday : 9.15.11

DIY Paint Chip Chandelier | Hey Gorgeous (photo credit: Jenna McKenzie) This Week’s Picks ♥ A gorgeous paint chip decorating project by Hey Gorgeous. ♥ Awesome vintage children stamps. ♥ Sweet letterpress giraffe baby announcements by Wiley Valentine. ♥ Give

Awesome Packaging

Quick Picks Thursday : 9.8.11

Chef’s Dinner Packaging | Sideshow Press This Week’s Picks ♥ The (un)Official Candy of Printmaking. ♥ Unique road map graduation invites by Kirby Sandifer. ♥ Swoon-worthy packaging for a chef’s dinner. ♥ An adorable back-to-school lunch label craft. ♥ A

DIY Popsicle Memory Game

Quick Picks Thursday : 9.1.11

DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game | Eat Drink Chic It’s a new month, and Quick Picks Thursday is a (sort of) new feature on the site. I’ve had a Quick Picks category for a little while, but I haven’t updated