2010 Calendar Roundup, Part 1

Alright, everyone, I can hold back no longer. I cannot get over how many awesome 2010 calendars are out there, and at this rate the roundup is going to be half a dozen parts. But this is great, because it means more options and eye candy for everyone! I have to pace myself, though, so today I’ll just be posting part one.

What I love about so many of these calendars is that they can easily be turned into framed art after the year is over. This is what I’m planning on doing with my favorite 2009 calendar images, and pretty soon I’ll probably have a wall full of art that was formerly a calendar. Bonus!

Now, without further ado, here’s part one of my 2010 calendar roundup:

The always anticipated Ilee letterpress and silkscreen calendar:

Ilee 2010 Calendar

Ilee 2010 Calendar

Lovely modern printed and die cut calendar from A Little Hut:

A Little Hut 2010 Calendar

A Little Hut 2010 Calendar

Letterpress calendar from One Canoe Two, featuring wonderful hand drawn and painted illustrations:

One Canoe Two 2010 Calendar

Beautiful modern illustration and color in Egg Press’ 2010 offset printed desk calendar:

Egg Press 2010 Calendar
Egg Press 2010 Calendar

Bright, lovely patterns feature prominently in Linda & Harriett’s calendar:

Linda & Harriett 2010 Calendar

Linda & Harriett 2010 Calendar

Love the purple and orange color palette and folk inspired illustration in Dutch Door’s letterpress calendar:

Dutch Door 2010 Calendar

Elegant, modern letterpressed illustrations from Parrott Design Studio:

Parrott Design Studio 2010 Calendar

Things are Better with a Parrott 2010 Calendar

Whimsical, colorful illustrations in yaelfran’s 2010 printable calendar:

Yaelfran 2010 Calendar

Yaelfran 2010 Calendar

Beautiful simplicity from simplesong designs:

Simplesong 2010 Calendar

Simplesong 2010 Calendar

Daisy P Paperie has four pretty calendars this year, each with its own unique look and feel:

Daisy P 2010 Calendar

Daisy P 2010 Calendar

Daisy P 2010 Calendar

Daisy P 2010 Calendar

Bright and bold patterns in JHill Design’s 2010 Places I Have Never Been Wall Calendar, also available in a desktop version:

JHill Design 2010 Calendar

And I know that I’ve mentioned these previously, but I wanted to make Night Owl Paper Goods’ birch wood printed critter and pattern calendars a part of the roundup, too, because they’re just cool:

Night Owl 2010 Calendar

Night Owl 2010 Calendar

Be on the lookout for part two, coming soon…

images from their respective owners

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10 comments on “2010 Calendar Roundup, Part 1

  1. dee commented //

    So much loveliness in one post.

  2. Maggie commented //

    Ooh, I hadn’t seen the JHill calendar yet! Great round-up.

  3. Kim commented //

    You almost can’t call them calendars – they are more like rotating wall art!! How could anyone even write on them?

  4. Kelly commented //

    Awesome. You just helped me finish my Christmas shopping!

  5. merium@gmail.com commented //

    Beautiful artwork. I always have a calendar with huge squares for writing on, now I want a second one~just for it’s beauty!

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  9. Sarah commented //

    Thank you so much for including me in your wonderful round up. There are so many great calendars that I know I will be getting more than one!

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