2010 Calendar Roundup, Part 3

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means, don’t you? Well, it means that it’s almost Friday (yay!), but it also means that it’s time for part three of my 2010 calendar roundup (double yay!). You’ll also want to check out parts one and two, and look forward to at least one or two more in the coming days.

First up today is Albertine Press, who veered away from their marbled calendars of years past and created a 100% letterpress calendar this year. The project required 29 separate color runs, and the result is gorgeous:

Albertine Press 2010 Calendar


Albertine Press 2010 Calendar

I’m loving the modern shapes and the awesome teal and yellow color scheme in elum’s 2010 Four Seasons letterpress calendar:

Elum Four Seasons 2010 Calendar

Super cute and colorful seasonal illustrations highlight Creative Thursday’s 2010 wall calendar:

Creative Thursday 2010 Calendar

Beautiful floral illustrations in blue on white in Two Brunettes’ screen printed canvas calendar, which would make a great gift and can be reused year to year as a decorative keepsake:

Two Brunettes Canvas 2010 Calendar

Whimsical animal illustrations and modern pattern and palette are featured in INK + WIT’s lovely 2010 letterpress calendar:

INK+WIT Letterpress 2010 Calendar
INK+WIT Letterpress 2010 Calendar
INK+WIT Letterpress 2010 Calendar

Le Papier Studio offers several 2010 options, including oh so pretty romantic silhouettes (below, top), botanicals (below, middle), canvas wall calendars, and a super cool pillow calendar (below, bottom):

Le Papier Studio 2010 Calendars
Le Papier Studio 2010 Calendars
Le Papier Studio 2010 Calendars

Hammerpress has four awesome designs this year, all printed on heavy chipboard with tear off calendar pages:

Hammerpress 2010 Calendars

Gorgeous, sophisticated illustration and letterpress work on Missing Q Press’ 2010 calendar (thanks to Maddy from The Inspired Bride for giving me a head’s up about this one!):

Missing Q Press 2010 Calendar

Love the uplifting sentiments and bright colors in Sub Studio’s calendar, which is small enough to fit inside your wallet, purse, moleskine, or pocket for a quick pick me up when you need it. They’re laminated for durability, too!

Sub Studio 2010 Calendar

Shim + Sons has created an ultra chic and modern design with pops of bright color that I just love:

Shim + Sons 2010 Calendar

I’m digging the hand lettered month names and bright, stripey patterns on Every Jot and Tittle’s wall and pocket calendars:

Every Jot & Tittle 2010 Calendar
Every Jot & Tittle 2010 Calendar

Oh so cute illustrations decorate Matilou’s 2010 calendar:

Matilou 2010 Calendar

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    Great picks. I like the Hammerpress calendars very much.

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