Verb Notebooks

Verb Notebooks

I’m all about these little Verb Notebooks by Painted Fish Studio. Each 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ notebook features a hand-punched verb on its chipboard cover and, inside, you can make lists, create doodles, and take note of ideas about topics that correspond with the each cover verb. Available verbs include “to-do”, “create”, “draw”, “eat”, “think”, “make”, “travel”, and “write”.

In addition, each notebook has 60 interior pages and a colorful first page that peeks through the hand-punched letters on the cover. Pick up a more general verb to catalog all of your notes, or collect a bunch of different verbs to organize your thoughts and ideas into different categories for easy reference.

Painted Fish Studio Notebooks

images from Painted Fish Studio

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  1. Marianne mcDougall commented //

    The little Verb Notebooks featuring hand-punched verbs on the cover are a great idea. A fabulous edition to any studio.

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