The King’s 6th Finger by Jolby & Rachel Roellke

Jolby Illustration

It was lurve at first sight when I recently came across the illustration work of Jolby – I’m crushing on a wedding invitation that they designed over at Invitation Crush today, too – and I’m in full on squee mode over The King’s 6th Finger, the result of a collaborative effort between Jolby and Rachel Roellke. The book is about a king named Mortimer who is obsessed with the number 5. One day, he looks down at his hand and discovers that he’s grown a 6th finger! What ever will he do to rid himself of the extra digit?

This book looks like a lot of fun, and the illustrations are absolutely fantastic, as are pretty much all of the illustrations in the Jolby portfolio. You can purchase The King’s 6th Finger over at Jolby’s Etsy shop, where they also sell art prints, cards, and super cool laser cut wood pieces.

A peek at the book:

The King's 6th Finger

Jolby Illustration

The King's 6th Finger


The King's 6th Finger

Jolby Illustration

images from Jolby

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4 comments on “The King’s 6th Finger by Jolby & Rachel Roellke

  1. Shelley B commented //

    I just bought this book a few days ago on my friend’s recommendation. Can’t wait to read it with my daughter!

  2. mydeerfriend commented //

    This book looks so good! I’m sure it doesn’t matter that I don’t have a child to read it to…! x

  3. kristen commented //

    That’s great, Shelley! It looks like such a fun book.

    mydeerfriend – Nope, doesn’t matter at all! I think this is one that both kids and adults will enjoy.

  4. mydeerfriend commented //

    Brill, I’ll get my order in!

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