Custom Graphic Novels Featuring Your Story by Rigel Stuhmiller

Okay, so I realize that most of us don’t have $40,000 to spend on a custom graphic novel that tells the story of our romance, our family, or our wedding, but if money were no object, then how totally cool would it be to have Rigel Stuhmiller create a custom graphic novel just for us? Yeah, pretty cool, I know.

Rigel is currently offering to create a completely custom, 32 page graphic novel of your story. She’ll come to where you’re at and will spend five days with you, collecting reference photos and making sketches, and when she returns home from her visit with you, she’ll develop a storyline, write a script, and transform all of the information that she’s gathered to create your custom graphic novel. When she’s finished, you’ll receive 40 hardbound copies of your book, a unique keepsake that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Rigel has extensive experience storytelling and illustrating, and her storyboards have been used in commercials and film. Her illustrations have been featured in Daily Candy, Town & Country Magazine, and The Today Show.

Here are just a few examples of the styles in Rigel’s portfolio:

Rigel Stuhmiller Illustration

Rigel Stuhmiller Graphic Novel Custom

Rigel Stuhmiller Illustration

Rigel Stuhmiller Custom Comic Book

images from Rigel Stuhmiller

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2 comments on “Custom Graphic Novels Featuring Your Story by Rigel Stuhmiller

  1. Lisa K commented //

    This is the absolute coolest giveaway of all time!

  2. Lisa K commented //

    Oops! My eyes were obviously blinded by all the snow here. This isn’t a giveaway but an excellent purchase if you win a huge lottery payout. Apologies for my previous post.

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