The Dark Romance Collection from Fox & Fallow

Dark Romance Collection from Fox & Fallow

I am lovin’ the deliciously dramatic vibe of Dark Romance, the new paper goods collection from Fox & Fallow. The bold palette of purples – plum, wine, lilac, violet, orchid, and lavendar – are completely eye-catching, and the gorgeous florals found throughout the collection belie the underlying danger of the beautiful botanicals.

Here’s what Fox & Fallow has to say about Dark Romance:

While they might look pretty, these botanicals have a dark and dangerous side. From the venus fly trap and pitcher plant to drosera and stylidium, they attract, trap and kill their prey. Aconitum ‘the poison queen’, English broom, white snakeroot and poison hemlock are some of the most dangerous flowers in the world, with just a single drop of their venom having deadly consequences. Beautiful, yet highly addictive poppies and hallucinogenic foxglove can also be lethal. Drink in the rich tones of wine, violet, lilac and dusty rose and discover intoxicating ‘Dark Romance’.

And here’s a peek at just some of the dangerous paper lovelies from the collection:

Dark Romance Paper Goods from Fox & Fallow

images from Fox & Fallow

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