Rainy Day Letterpress Cards

Umbrella Letterpress Cards
Umbrella Letterpress Cards

I always say this, but I can’t believe that it’s Monday again already. This is the third straight day of constant rain and wind in the Boston area, and I’m a bit rain weary, but these cute Rainy Day letterpress cards from Letterpress Delicacies have been cheering me up. They’re available in tnree colorways: blue/silver, fuchsia/silver, and black/silver. Here’s to a great Monday, despite whatever inclement weather you may be experiencing!

images from Letterpress Delicacies

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4 comments on “Rainy Day Letterpress Cards

  1. Hannah C commented //

    Those are fabulous!! I love the rain cards!

  2. jen commented //

    They should make this pattern into a poster! Everyone in Seattle would want a copy! Nice design.

  3. Cyn commented //

    I live in the Northeast and rain-weary is the perfect phrase for these past few days. But I LOVE umbrellas and these cards make them a bright spot in a great design!

  4. Allie commented //

    Wow! What amazingly beautiful cards! I love the design!

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