Letterpress Delicacies

Letterpress Delicacies

Ooh, I’m loving these super cute letterpress cards from Austin, Texas based Letterpress Delicacies. The combination of adorable animal (and skull) illustrations and sleek, modern pattern is perfect! $9.75 for a set of four.

And if you know someone crafty, or if you yourself are crafty, then you have to check out the nifty “sew crafty” card:

Letterpress Delicacies

Letterpress Delicacies also offers custom design and printing services for invitations, announcements, business cards, etc.

images from Letterpress Delicacies

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4 comments on “Letterpress Delicacies

  1. Mary commented //

    Oh wow! These are so cute! I can’t decide which I like best 🙂

  2. Julie commented //

    The “sew crafty” card is adorable!!

  3. Heather commented //

    The cotton ribbon is fantastic!

  4. PauvrePlume commented //

    Oh my… these are so sweet. I feel as though I can’t turn around without coming face-to-face with an adorable owl! (note: this is not at ALL a complaint!) 🙂

    Thank you for this post…

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