Quick Picks Thursday : 10.18.12

Sweet Harvey Halloween Print

Sage advice from Sweet Harvey’s Frankenstein’s Monster Poster

This Week’s Picks

♥ A sweet, illustrated Fig & Melon Martini printable recipe card by Rebekka Seale at Snippet & Ink.

♥ Have you filled out your National Hero Registration Form yet? – via DWL

♥ An awesome gift idea for coffee lovers (hand-lettering fans, too!) by Mary Kate McDevitt.

♥ A very cool (and free) printable Halloween invitation from Mr. Yen.

♥ Such a sweet letterpress birth announcement by Moglea for little Wolf Finley. Love the neon yellow and mint color palette!

♥ A giant, cardboard ghettoblaster!

image from Sweet Harvey

Blog Updates

5 comments on “Quick Picks Thursday : 10.18.12

  1. Brandi Powell commented //

    Thank you SO MUCH for featuring Frank today Kristen!

    xo – Brandi

  2. Kathryn commented //

    Thanks for the link love! Rebekka is awesome!

  3. Artist in LA LA Land commented //

    I love the Frankenstein poster by Brandi. Lots of beautiful items. I love Paper Crave blog!

  4. Artist in LA LA Land commented //

    BTW, the last link the cardboard ghetto blaster isn’t working.

  5. kristen commented //

    You’re welcome, Brandi and Kathryn!

    Artist in LA LA Land – Thanks so much for all of your comments (so glad that you like the blog!) and for letting me know about the broken link. Should be fixed now!

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