Cat + Dog Cards

Hee! I am totally digging this collection of illustrated cat and dog cards by Emily Dove of the The Nimbus Factory. I mean, how could I not love a monocle-wearing kitty cat?

Duke of Purr-Earl Card

Duke of Purr-Earl

Bulldog Card

Sit, Stay, Spot of Tea? (Bulldog)

4 Eyes 9 Lives Cat Card

4 Eyes, 9 Lives

Boston Terrier Card

A Pawfect Gentleman (Boston Terrier)

images from The Nimbus Factory

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One thought on “Cat + Dog Cards

  1. Artist in LA LA Land commented //

    Oh, I agree with you. Kitty with monocle and top hat is irresistible. Hahahaaa. I also love the other dogs and cats with hats and glasses. Really lovely pick.

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