The Journal of a Georgian Gentleman

The Journal of a Georgian Gentleman by Mike Rendell is a new book that presents the life and times of Richard Hall, an 18th century gentleman and the great-great-great-great grandfather of Rendell, in a way that’s truly unique. The book blends historical record, in the form of journal entries written by Richard Hall, with paper craft, in the form of paper cut works made by Richard and his family. Featured throughout are images of many of the original 18th century paper cut works, which depict pictorial scenes and imagery from life in 18th century England.

This book is sure to be a treat for paper cut enthusiasts who also happen to be history buffs, and you can pick up a copy at Amazon UK or The Book Depository.

Details of some of the ornate paper cuts featured in the book, which are in amazing condition given that they’re over 250 years old:

The Journal of a Georgian Gentleman

images from Mike Rendell

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  1. karen commented //

    Thanks for pointing out this book, I love paper cutting and have a thing for 18th century England so this is right up my alley. I may need to go check this book out.

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