Printable Holiday Tags of Christmas Past

12.20.2011 2 Comments

I’m taking a trip down memory lane today and sharing some of the free printable holiday gift tag downloads that I’ve designed for both Paper Crave and Domestifluff over the past few years, along with a set that I designed exclusively for Gifted Magazine this year. If there’s one thing that I know about holiday gift wrapping, it’s that you can never have too many gift tags, and I hope that some of these designs will strike your fancy!

“Mod-Century” printable holiday tags for Gifted Magazine (8 pages of free printable tags by different designers start on page 130):

Mod Century Printable Holiday Tags

Mid-century style, patterened printable holiday tags from 2010 (also available in a pink colorway with coordinating printable pattened papers):

Mid Century Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Also from last year, “No Peeking” printable tags designed exclusively for Simply Modern Mom:

No Peeking Printable Tags

I had a lot of fun designing these wintry printable gift tags in 2009:

Wintry Printable Holiday Tags

And, finally, a bright, patterned set of printable holiday tags (available in three colorways) from 2008:

Patterned Printable Holiday Gift Tags

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2 Responses to “Printable Holiday Tags of Christmas Past”

  1. Angel Y says:

    I am a large fan of the “no peeking” tags. I may use those this year! :)

  2. These are wonderful! The no peeking tags are just darling!

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