Thank You Cards

It’s a good idea to keep a stash of thank you cards on hand throughout the year, and it’s especially handy to have a collection of lovely thank yous on hand after the holidays when we’re letting friends and family know how much their gifts meant to us. Here’s a roundup of some of the wonderful thank you cards that have caught my eye during my recent web travels.

Thank You Cards

1. fir fronds thank you by Wit & Whistle 2. whimsical, illustrated thank you by Kate Hindley for Red Cap Cards 3. heart letterpress thank you by Dear Lola, 4. magenta letterpress thank you by Print! Print! Print! 5. elegant letterpress thank you cards by Honizukle Press 6. confetti letterpress thank yous by Printerette Press 7. gold foil stripes thank you by Rifle Paper Co. 8. flag letterpress thank you card by Anemone Letterpress 9. letterpress thank you notes (gorgeous textured paper) from Fresh Heifers 10. leaf letterpress thank you cards by Tabletop Made 11. bird letterpress thank you card by Byvik Ink (interior says, “Translation : thank you! thank you! thank you!)

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2 comments on “Thank You Cards

  1. Kimberly commented //

    What a great round up and how wonderful to be among them! Thank you!

  2. rooth commented //

    Perfect timing!

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