Old School Stationers Camping Circa 1960’s Collection

Old School Stationers Letterpress

Old School Stationers knows how to make a bold statement with color, and I’m really digging the retro vibe in their Camping Circa 1960’s collection. The 4 color letterpress cards and prints feature a palette of muted mustard, seafoam, orange, and brown with hand drawn illustrations of camping scenes (love that slick VW bus).

images from Old School Stationers

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3 comments on “Old School Stationers Camping Circa 1960’s Collection

  1. Chaucee commented //

    LOVE these : ) Oh the joys of fall….

  2. Amanda commented //

    Love these – Especially the one with the van =)

  3. Beky - Pivotal Xpressions commented //

    Really love these. I like how you have the texture of wood in the background, suits the cards.

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