New Prints from Tad Carpenter

I’m a big fan of illustrator Tad Carpenter, and I’m totally digging his newest prints. Heroic knights, sleepy kitty cats, happy whales, barking dachshunds, and sweet birdies — what’s not to love? Plus, there’s that super cool palette of teal, reddish-orange, and black. Nice! Here’s a preview (you can pick up these prints in Tad’s shop):

Tad Carpenter Prints

Tad Carpenter Prints

Tad Carpenter Prints

Tad Carpenter Prints

images from Tad Carpenter

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4 comments on “New Prints from Tad Carpenter

  1. corin commented //

    I am LOVING on the orange and blue color combo here

  2. Brandy Von Doeren commented //

    I just loves that whale!!! that one tooth is to die for!!!! ack! so cute

  3. kristen commented //

    Corin – I’m totally with you!

    Brandy – I feel the same about that awesome tooth. Too cute!

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