Invisible Creature Posters & Prints

I’m coveting an obscene number of posters and prints from the oh so awesome Invisible Creature shop. Below is just a smattering of my favorites, and I’ve discovered that they’re having a spring blowout sale right now — many of their posters are available for a limited time for only $8-10 each — so now is the time to start stocking up!

Invisible Creature Print Poster

images from Invisible Creature

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3 comments on “Invisible Creature Posters & Prints

  1. Hannah C commented //

    I love that Bright Eyes poster too!

  2. Maddy @ the Inspired Bride commented //

    Ok, so maybe we are starting to be psychically connected or something, because I just had a long conversation about Invisible Creature on Friday. The guy who runs GiftCards @ Target moved into the cube next to me on Thursday and since I’ve done quite a few cards with him, we started talking about designers and illustrators we both like… Invisible Creature took up a good chunk of that conversation! *creepy chills* 😛

  3. kristen commented //

    Hannah – Isn’t it cool? Love that boot!

    Maddy – Whoa. It does sound like some sort of otherworldly thing is going on. Freaky! *Twilight Zone music*

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