National Stationery Show 2010 : Greeting Cards Galore, Part 1

Are you ready for a fun-filled, greeting card adventure through the National Stationery Show? I sure hope so, because I have so many great greetings, note cards, stationery, and postcards to share.

If you’re looking for a great Father’s Day card, you should head on over to Hammerpress, which has some very cool options.


I absolutely loved the texture of ink on these oh so pretty postcards from Igloo Press, and I had to hold myself back from squeeing out loud over the adorable recipe cards and tags, illustrated by Suzy Ultman.


My photo does not do Sanna Annukka’s cards justice, but trust me, they were awesome!

Sanna Annukka

Seeing Albertine Press’ new Letterpress Library on display in person was fantastic. The patterns and color are so pretty that I couldn’t help but be drawn to the display.

Albertine Press Letterpress Library

And I was so happy to meet Angela Liguori, who was boothmates with Shelley from Albertine Press, and to see all of her gorgeous cotton ribbon and twine, as well as the new Francobolli Line from Carta Inc. What a colorful booth this was!

Angela Liguori

Lots of colorful eye candy at the enormouschampion booth, too, where I couldn’t take my eyes off of The Kingdom Animalia (top left). Their letterpress cards and prints are always standout, as well, alternating between a modern, graphic and vintage inspired aesthetic.


A beautiful collection of cards from Masha D’Yans, whose colorful, dreamy painting style I really enjoy.

Masha D'Yans

Really cool, new Sweetheart cards from 175 Design Studio. I like the combination of ornate pattern with the cute, stylized “sweetheart” illustrations.

175 Design Studio

photos by yours truly

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6 comments on “National Stationery Show 2010 : Greeting Cards Galore, Part 1

  1. Rachel Dangerfield commented //

    So so excited to see my postcards featured with the Igloo Letterpress collection. It’s amazing to be grouped in with such great work. Thank you!

  2. simple huis commented //

    LOVE all these pictures from the stationery show! Thank you for all the eye candy!!

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  5. sharon budijono commented //

    thanks for grouping me with such awesome people!

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