National Stationery Show 2010 : All About Details, Part 1

One of the most exciting things about being at the stationery show was seeing all of the different booths. Walking into a shop’s booth was walking into a world that they’d constructed to house their creations, and I was amazed by so many of the booths and the work that was obviously put into them.

Blue Barnhouse rocked it with their awesome sign and wood plank walls!

Blue Barnhouse

One of my most anticipated booth visits was the Two Trick Pony booth. Laurie and Carrie had been posting in progress sneak peeks on Twitter leading up to the show, and I couldn’t wait to see everything in person. They created the perfect display for all of Two Trick Pony’s fun and colorful cards and invitations:

Two Trick Pony

Hot pink + handlettering + vintage postcards = awesome, which is what the Linda & Harriett booth, and their gorgeous letterpress calendars, was. Seeing their new calendar has become a yearly anticipation for me because it’s always filled with super cool illustrations, and their birthday calendar is great for people like me, who are a little absent-minded and need birthday reminders.

Linda & Harriett

I had so much fun in the Sugarcube Press booth. It was great to meet Kelsie and Elizabeth, the “sweet girly duo” behind Sugarcube, and their letterpress greetings were beautiful as well as clever. Plus, how cool are the vintage spoons used in their card display and the sugarcube covered cake stand used to hold their business cards?

Sugarcube Press

The a. favorite booth was truly an extension of their completely clever, vintage-inspired letterpress line of greetings. I loved that the cards were displayed on oversized “notebooks” (this theme was also carried through to the business cards — more on that later), and the retro-y goodie bags were the icing on the cake.

A. Favorite

photos by yours truly

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6 comments on “National Stationery Show 2010 : All About Details, Part 1

  1. Carrie Pony commented //

    It was SO awesome to finally meet you in person! Thank you so much for coming to our booth, and double-thanks for featuring us both before and after the show.

    I heard a rumor that Phoebe Cates saw the T.Hanks card and told Tom himself about it! Maybe he’ll start ordering them in bulk from Blue Barnhouse…

  2. Bridget commented //

    I am doing a fundraiser with a carnival theme. I am in LOVE with your red and white striped paper!!!! SO cute!
    Any ideas where I can get my hands on something like that – it would be perfect!
    Thank you!

  3. kristen commented //

    My pleasure, Carrie! It was awesome to meet you, too!

    Seriously about Phoebe Cates? That’s too cool! One way or another, it sounds like Tom will end up with some T.Hanks cards.

  4. Blue Barnhouse commented //

    Kristen, thanks for the faboo post! The Phoebe Cates rumor is true, she emailed Tom a pic of the card from our booth. Phoebe updated us when we paid a visit to her store- Tom’s assistant replied (he’s filming a movie) asking for a bunch of the cards. More exciting than when the Martha Stewart Show dropped by Cursive and special ordered two dozen of these:

    And props to A. Favorite Design for such a fantastic debut at the NSS. She’s my fave fer sure.


  5. kristen commented //

    My pleasure, Brandon, and so cool to hear confirmation of the Phoebe Cates rumor! Sounds like he’s definitely going to have some of your cards to give out. Haha, love that the Martha people ordered some of the “Kmart” cards, too!

  6. Carrie Pony commented //

    Hi Bridget!

    We actually made the stripes ourselves with red and white felt. No need to sew; we used strips of fusible interfacing and ironed the red stripes onto the white felt. Worked like a dream, AND this is the second year of use! Still lookin’ sharp.

    Carrie Pony

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