Karen O’Leary Papercut Maps

Karen O'Leary Papercut Maps

The interwebs have been buzzing about Karen O’Leary’s papercut city maps, and with good reason. These maps are absolutely amazing! And she cuts them all by hand, which just blows my mind. The map of Paris, shown above, has truly made me look at those little fold up maps that you buy at the gas station in a completely new light. And the map of New York City, well, you can see in these detail shots just how spectacular it is:

Karen O'Leary Papercut Maps

Karen O'Leary Papercut Maps

Karen O'Leary Papercut Maps

In addition to Paris and New York City, Karen has also created a papercut map of London and amazing pen and paper prints of Paris. You can see all of the maps right here.

images from Karen O’Leary

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3 comments on “Karen O’Leary Papercut Maps

  1. Erin at Vale Design commented //

    That is some of the most amazing art I have ever seen! Great post K!

  2. Melissa commented //

    Oh, how cool! That’s just amazing.

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