Frog & Toad Press Embroidered Patches

Okay, so embroidered patches aren’t exactly made of paper, but they definitely go hand and hand with paper goods, and I just couldn’t pass up the chance to give a shout out to these awesome patches from Frog & Toad Press. Omigosh, there’s even a patch for people who love to smell books. My people!

Embroidered Patches from Frog & Toad Press

images from Frog & Toad Press

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3 comments on “Frog & Toad Press Embroidered Patches

  1. iHanna commented //

    Oh so cute, I want all of these!

  2. LYNNE ALBA BINDEMAN commented //

    Love all of them! BUT I reside in South Africa!

  3. kristen commented //

    Hi, Lynne! It looks like they offer international shipping, but if you have any questions about shipping to your country, you can always contact them and ask.

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