Funny & Irreverent Letterpress Cards by Frog & Toad Press

Frog & Toad Press Huzzah Letterpress Card

Clever and irreverent cards are some of my favorites, especially if the irreverence is paired with fantastic hand lettering and illustration, as is the case with this awesome letterpress card collection from Frog & Toad Press, whose back story is just as cool as their cards.

For years, the Providence, RI-based shop, Frog & Toad, has curated some of the coolest, most irreverent items you’ll ever see. Over the years, they began making more and more of the products that they sell, gradually expanding their operation to the point that they opened their own design studio as part of the design collective in the historic Nicholson File Building in Providence. They’re now printing their own line of greeting cards, as well as onesies and prints, as Frog & Toad Press.

Lemons Letterpress Card by Frog & Toad Press

After what I’m sure are some pretty hilarious brainstorming sessions by their creative staff, Frog & Toad Press’ own Maret Bondorew brings their snarky and sweetly sentimental concepts to her drawing table and hand-paints and hand letters them into reality. They then work directly with Dan Wood at DWRI Letterpress or the screen printers at The Headlight Hotel to create the finished product. And what a great product it is!

Hand Lettered and Illustrated Letterpress Cards by Frog & Toad Press

images from Frog & Toad Press

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