Envelopments Roll-O-Decks Giveaway

Envelopments Roll-O-Decks

I love great cardstock, rainbows, and stylish office accessories so, naturally, I’m completely jazzed about this giveaway from Envelopments. They just launched a creative new product called Roll-O-Decks, and they’re offering Paper Crave readers a chance to win one! And, hey, you guys are in luck, because Nole at Oh So Beautiful Paper is having a giveaway for one, too. Enter here and then head over to her site to enter for a second chance to win!

Envelopments Roll-O-Decks

The Roll-O-Decks, originally created as a creative way to capture contact information during the 2010 HOW Design Conference, was such a hit that Envelopments decided to make it a part of their line. The decks feature 500 die cut insert cards (4 each of 125 colors) in a spectrum of vibrant colors and patterns. If you’re familiar with the Envelopments line of cardstock, then you know how much this rocks!

So, how do you enter? It’s easy! Just leave a comment on this post to let me know how you would use your Roll-O-Decks — will you use it as a colorful way to organize your business cards, as a color wheel for brainstorming new design project palettes, as a new twist on the traditional wedding guestbook, or will you continually twirl it around repeatedly during a daydream break from work and wonder at the pretty colors? So many great possibilities, and dozens more that haven’t even crossed my mind, so I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Envelopments Roll-O-Decks
Envelopments Roll-O-Decks

Roll-O-Decks are sold at Envelopments sans stand, but they’re going to be including a handy dandy stand to the winner of this giveaway, so your Roll-O-Decks will, pardon the pun, be ready to roll straight out of the box. The giveaway will run to August 10, 2010 at midnight eastern. One entry per person.

images from Envelopments

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225 comments on “Envelopments Roll-O-Decks Giveaway

  1. Tracey G commented //

    Almost too pretty to write on but I would use it to capture little snippets of what my kids are up to every day.

  2. Elyse commented //

    I think that this would make an amazing place to write down my mother and grandmother’s recipes – and there would be room to add my own!

  3. Toni commented //

    The possibilities are endless! A recipe storage system, and idea depository, a wheel of project prompts… hmm!!

    Great find 🙂

  4. Linda commented //

    I would use this deck as a recipe organizer in my new kitchen. As a newlywed, I have been trying so hard to learn to cook! I have put most of my creative energy into a new kitchen so that I would love the place I was cooking, and this will add wonderful punches of color and delicious recipes!! No more piles of recipes laying on the counter anymore!!

  5. Kate commented //

    I think I’ll use it to add some color to my home office and maybe use it as a recipe roulette! I was just looking for a new meal planning system, and this looks like it could make it fun! Maybe add some inspirational quotes in there too for some happy thoughts. I need to start gathering a lot more recipes though, that’s a TON of colors.

  6. Amy Kang commented //

    Love this! I knit and crochet and while I love ravelry, there’s something to having a physical finished object notebook. How cool would it be to color coordinate the of the projects with a card and store a photo, yarn information, who I gifted it and pattern name. I can’t wait to start rolling through all the finished projects =)

  7. Phil commented //

    I would give this to my wife. She is a very creative woman and has been spending a lot of time finishing up her studio in our new home. I know she would love to have this on her desk!

  8. Melissa commented //

    I love this! I want to send out a card in each of my wedding invites, asking them to bring it to the wedding with their favorite recipe written on it. So I will not only have the most beautiful recipe holder ever created, but lovely memories from my wedding day and wishes from my loved ones. 🙂

  9. Kim commented //

    I think this is too beautiful to even keep at work. I would keep this at home and organize everything possible with this roll-o-deck! It is so gorgeous and would provide me instant happiness.

  10. megan commented //

    rainy day activities!!

  11. The Literary Omnivore commented //

    I’d play it safe and use it for business cards, but it would definitely help in daydreaming!

  12. Thao commented //

    Ooh! I entered with Nole already, but I can’t resist throwing my hat in a second time. I would use a Roll-O-Deck to keep track of my ever-growing address list (boring, I know). Now that I’m married, I feel an even greater urge to keep up with family and friends, and I have a private resolution to send more handwritten notes. This fun little filing system would be just the motivation to get me started!

  13. Janine commented //

    This is such a great product! I would love to use it as a guest book for my wedding next October and then keep it on my desk to occasionally read sweet notes from my family and friends on our wedding day.

  14. katie p commented //

    this is beautiful! i would use it for lots of things… color samples for my card, invitation making, little love notes, embellishments, etc. you get the idea! so many uses for something like this 🙂

  15. Saioa commented //

    I will use it to organized my books, I have a lot of them and I like to make list and cards with a book info.


  16. Aiza commented //

    I think that the ‘twirl and stare’ what I would do first! Love the colours and would love to get some inspiration as I am going to develop some wedding card ranges!

  17. Shelley commented //

    I think I’d use these to organize all the ideas for new products and projects i want to work on – there are always so many and it would be fun to spin the wheel and start working on whatever comes up first.

  18. Priya Garcia commented //

    I think I would be one of the ones that will just twirl it endlessly mesmerized by the colors and pattern, I am always searching for design and color inspiration. What a perfect way to get color inspiration!

  19. Linnette commented //

    I LOVE this! It is so hard for me to design with my pantone book as I like to play out color combos next to each other and the fan book is not ideal for this–the pantone book with chips is too small–this would be absolutely PERFECT! This would make my life easier! Superb product!

  20. Jennifer commented //

    Because I am such a color/paper person, I always remember everyone’s business card based on the color. So, I think I would organize all of my contacts by color to match the wheel rather than by alphabet.

  21. Camille commented //

    So pretty! I think I would use it to write down random to-dos for all those times I’m procrastinating and need a quick easy project to feel productive again. Although, I don’t know if I could keep from “continually twirl[ing] it around repeatedly during a daydream break from work and wonder at the pretty colors….”

  22. Kristie commented //

    This is feeding my inner color monster to no end!! I’d kill to have this on my desk at home…filled with the contact info of my students parents! I’ve never been one to be good at keeping track of addresses on my computer. This would be so perfect for me!

  23. Carolyn commented //

    I have had an old rolodex for twenty years. It’s traveled with me from office to office and now sits in my home office. It’s an eyesore but I can’t part with it. If I won this, I would gladly spend hours transferring all my contacts and business cards into this super cool beautfiul one. And then I would twirl and twirl!

  24. Brittany commented //

    I would use it to organize recipes and as general design inspiration at home. So many pretty colors!

  25. Danielle commented //

    I would make it spin and spin and marvel at the pretty colours. That is all.

  26. holly | bijou lovely commented //

    I’d use it as a fabric swatch organizer to keep track of what’s in my stash. Love it!

  27. Maddy @ the Inspired Bride commented //

    You know me – I want to get my hands on one so I can ORGANIZE! Put my favorite recipes on the cards and have the recipes color coded by type – dessert, app, drink, entree, etc…

  28. Lisa Whalley commented //

    This would work great for organizing all my business cards, clothing tags, etc that I keep around for design inspiration!

  29. Dave W commented //

    I love this idea!

    Besides helping me find info in a fun way, I would love to use this to brainstorm new design ideas. I think my wife will grab this for recipes to keep them way better organized.

    Thanks for a great recipe.

  30. Engelise commented //

    I will use the Envelopments Roll-O-Deck to make my Muse hang out with me in my craft room! I’m sure she would love to stay if I keep this beautiful paper treasure on my desk so we could play mix and match all day and capture our creative ideas on the individual cards! Who won’t feel inspired with this stunning wheel of colour to please the senses?

  31. Meghan commented //

    Mostly, I will probably stare at it all day… but I may use it to organize fabrics, paint samples, and other color-coordinated goodies currently lying all over my crafting table!

  32. Liz commented //

    This is so pretty! I would use mine to organize business cards from supplies and other crafty people, as well as swatches and important scrap bits of inspiration.

  33. Darci commented //

    Oh my – I would definitely use it for business cards, but I would absolutely sit and stare at it for embarassing amounts of time. Those colors are beautiful!

  34. Rebeka M commented //

    I was just hoping for something like this, but I didn’t imagine finding something in this form!

    I personally would use it to create color palettes for different projects. I do a lot of design work, and love to see my palettes in a physical form, and this would be fantastic for creating palettes!

  35. Shayna commented //

    I think where this lit­tle thing would save me years of has­sle is as a seat­ing chart for my wedding! Put everyone’s name on a card in alpha-order and peo­ple can yank their card and find their seat, easy-peasy! And because you can get more cards, I could restock and use it to orga­nize some of the many insane areas of my life. Knit­ting project man­ager? What a sweet way to organize all my DVDs!

    Oh, man, I really need one of these…

  36. susan@pocacosas commented //

    I LOVE this! As an interior designer, this would be a great source of color & pattern inspiration!

  37. Tiffany B. commented //

    WOW – This is great, I haven’t seen this yet. I would love to have it sitting on my desk so anytime I look for a new color it would be right there.

  38. Lorena Cagnotti commented //

    I live in Mexico, maybe I´m not eligible to participate but just in case…

    I will use it to teach colors to my little son. Also I probably write lots of wishes and projects on it!

  39. Jaime commented //

    I would use it for everyday journaling in my boring and bland office! I think it would be a great punch of color!

  40. QueenB (Yvonne) commented //

    OMG I love it! I would definitely use this for inspiration (I love all the colors!) and to help color coordinate my layouts.

  41. Kellie commented //

    Every time I hear or read a great quote, I jot it down. Unfortunately they are not all in one place so they are always hard to refer back to. This would be such a bright and cheery way to keep them all in one place. It would be great to flip through for a little daily inspiration in words and color.

  42. Cherish commented //

    I love the guest book idea! I would probably use it to keep track of contacts since I’m always losing address books and slips of paper I’ve written addresses/e-mails on. Beautiful!

  43. Sarah commented //

    Wow, what a beautiful product! I think I would use it as a colorful solution to any design ruts! Maybe print lovely fonts and graphics on each one and then give it a spin for some inspiration. Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. Stacey commented //

    I would use it as a calendar! You could reorder the colors to match the seasons. (And, you would still have extra cards to jot down to-do lists!)

  45. jes commented //

    I would use it as a project organizer for all my home decorating/crafty ideas that I have. It’s so pretty!

  46. Leah commented //

    What a fun product! A great way to store ideas. I would probably use it for color and pattern inspiration.

  47. Angela commented //

    Oh my… that’s beautiful! I think I would just spin and stare at it all day. Or I would scrapbook with it… maybe by day or by month… how fun! Thanks!

  48. Lauren commented //

    The colors and patterns on this wheel are lovely! I have so many ideas, it would be difficult to choose just one use. My first instinct was a recipe wheel for family recipes and those we receive on recipe cards from the bridal shower / wedding! Another thought I had was to use it as a daily journal to jot down notes on my days.

    It would also make a very colorful photo ‘album’ of sorts – it could be displayed for guests to flip through.

    For a big project, it could be made into a large flip book, with single frames on each card, and when flipped it could look like a movie.

    WOW! I am excited! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  49. Laurie commented //

    I just want this on my desk, right next to my computer. So I can look at it lovingly all day!

  50. Kate commented //

    I’ll use it for project notes/inspirations. I’m especially enamored with Envelopments patterns.

  51. Grace commented //

    I would totally use this to organize my project ideas!!

  52. Nikki commented //

    I’d use it for all my notes I have lying around everywhere!

  53. Casey commented //

    I love it!!! so pretty! I’d fill it with all my project ideas!

  54. Katie Foley commented //

    I love it! I want to look at it all day – and then smile happily when I can use something so pretty to organize my chaos.

  55. Julie commented //

    I would this in my office for all of my business and personal contacts. My windowless all white office could really use the burst of color!

  56. Lenore commented //

    I just recently started a new Admin job, and I need a way to organize all of the faculty, staff and students streaming through my office! This would be a brilliant, and bright, way to do that. 🙂

  57. Rachel S commented //

    I’ll use to for all of my client (design business) and patient (pharmacy business) contact info in my new almost finished office!

  58. Dana F commented //

    I would fill it with favorite quotations and memories and randomly spin through it every morning for a smile and inspiration. (although the patterns and colors are inspiration alone!)

  59. Emily commented //

    I absolutely love this! It is perfect for project inspiration. It would also be a great way to organize cards that I make so when a wedding or birthday come up I can easily find them! Lovely 🙂

  60. Caitlin commented //

    I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I would love to use this to finally organize all of the creative biz cards I have collected as inspiration over the years!

  61. Dani commented //

    I have been craving one of these for sooo long. I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!!!

  62. Joyce commented //

    Love reading all the creative uses for this lovely product. Wonderful re-do of an almost-outdated office staple!

  63. Courtnie commented //

    I’m a graphic designer. This would be a perfect way to organize my vendor contacts. I always love a way to add color to my desk!

  64. Melissa commented //

    Aaah so pretty! I would use this to organize my client’s order history and preferences. I design custom cakes and this would be so helpful in getting organized.

  65. lisa commented //

    i would love this for all y recipes. very convenient and cute!

  66. Amy commented //

    I think it’s beautiful just the way it is. I love the colors and patterns. I would use it for organizing all of my ideas and inspirations for designs.

  67. Shalini commented //

    What luck that two of my favorite blogs are giving this away!

    As a designer I would love to use it as a way of organizing my paper samples and swatches, and how fitting that it’s already color coordinated!

  68. Alice S commented //

    I love this!!

    This would be fun to insert little wallet pics and have a table top photo album!

    Or Just have guests add in a quirky message when they come visit our home. (Of course I would supply white business cards to lay on top of the beautiful paper so it would be framed nicely)

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  69. Eileen commented //

    Record the names of all the brides I’ve worked with and their color schemes

  70. Jess Gordon commented //

    I LOVE it!! I can think of tons of great uses, but especially to store design ideas in my craft room!!

  71. caroline commented //

    This is so gorgeous. I think I’d use it as a guestbook in our home. It looks like the cards are the perfect size for Instax photos of our visitors too!

  72. Danielle Harder commented //

    I love this!!! I would use it to create color palettes for stationary and weddings…. What a FUN object to use in so many ways!

  73. Katy commented //

    I’m starting a letterpress and bookbinding business, and boy would I LOVE to add that baby to my desk. Fill it with client and vendor info, or print my own info on the cards and give them out for others to file in their (presumably plain vanilla) rolodex!

  74. Danelle commented //

    I can’t stop staring at this, how awesome! I think I would just sit it on my desk and dream up new ideas to do with all the beautiful colors!

  75. Andrea commented //

    I LOVE this. I am expecting my second child in December (a BOY!) and I would love to use this to write down all the special moments that will happen in our new family of 4.

  76. Debra commented //

    So cool! I’d use it for contacts, but since I don’t have THAT many, I devote a section to the months of the year and put all the birthdays and anniversaries in it so I wouldn’t forget anyone. Plus I’d have to snatch some of the beautiful paper out of there from time to time to use on a project or as inspiration.

  77. Charlotte commented //

    My first thought was — oooh I need one, then I realised I don’t know 50 people let alone 500 — then I realised I do need one to organise my recipes — of which I have about 50,000

    Blue Skies
    Charlotte xx

  78. Ashley S.. commented //

    I would use this at my desk at my apartment! It’s super cute and goes well with the theme of my desk… brightly colored items! =] Super cute!

  79. Colleen commented //

    Oh my goodness, that is AMAZING! ::swoon::
    I would use it for it’s beauty as inspiration. But I’d also use it to store contact info, birthdays, random quotes that I love, etc etc. A pretty little catch-all of things that I love!

  80. Iliana Zambrano commented //

    I would use it at my desk putting my color cards. I always use them for inspiration and for make color palettes, but they´re always in a total mess o_O, so this roll-o deck could be 100% useful for me 🙂

  81. catherine s. commented //

    I would do a memory wheel – one memory of the day for 365 days…once the wheel was filled, I’d either make it into a little thick book or file them in a decorative box to replace the wheel with new blank pages for the new year. It would be fun to apply a quote to the day depending on your mood or happenings, etc.

    FUN!!! Thanks for the chance!

  82. Janae A. commented //

    THIS IS AMAZING! I would use it to organize client information and business cards! Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. Sarah commented //

    OOOh I love this and would put it on the counter in our retail store!!!

  84. Khali commented //

    Oh how lovely! I’d use this as colour inspiration with my children for craft projects. I have my fingers crossed.

  85. Brandi R commented //

    Gah! It’s so beautiful! I’m just getting my business rolling and would love to put all my contacts (that are currently left all around the house) in there. It’s just so gorgeous

  86. Jeannie Phillips commented //

    Love it!!! Just looking at it makes me happy. I would fill it with all my ideas and inspirations. Then, when feeling down or in a creative rut, I would always have a happy place to muse.

  87. sarah commented //

    I’d use it for inspiration at work, where the only color that everyone seems to be okay with is blue 🙂

  88. Carrie S. commented //

    Wow, gorgeous! I think I’ll be boring and use it for addresses, but it will look mighty fine. 🙂

  89. AnneSATX commented //

    I would use it for neat paper to punch designs out of for card-making AND to find new and exciting color combinations. It looks gorgeous!

  90. Sarah commented //

    You know, I’ll most likely continually twirl it around repeatedly during a daydream break from work and wonder at the pretty colors

  91. Jessica Pollock commented //

    I love this! I was tinkering with the idea of using it in place of escort cards. Plus, having an extra set of swatches around the office will always come in handy!

  92. MissJillian commented //

    I have a perfectly good address book, a perfectly good recipe binder, and a perfectly good sketchbook (although none as cute as this). So what excuse do I have for this beauty??? Up until this very moment, I didn’t even know I needed one of these. But now, I realize this would solve a major NEED for me. I am pretty DIY crazy at the moment. Infatuated to say the least. But it has been pretty hard to stay organized enough to implement all that I want to accomplish. Currently my sketchbook is overflowing w/ a list of +50 projects I’ve been dying to try & I have another couple hundred bookmarked on my computer. I could really use this lovely roll-o-deck as a place to store each DIY project, along w/ necessary supplies, a little sample photo, notes of what tried and worked (or what didn’t) along the way…all organized by theme (kids, recipe, wedding, jewelry, etc.) The very best part would be that they are handy little cards which I could remove & take w/ me to the supply store. Oh, & it doesn’t hurt that the gorgeous paper & color palette would be beyond inspirational too!

  93. Debbie Littlejohn commented //

    I’ll use it to help with color combinations! LOVE IT!

  94. K10lan commented //

    Gorgeous! I would use it to organize quotes and clippings to inspire me on future projects

  95. allison commented //

    It would make a colorful companion for my lonely desk. As a wedding planner, I would love to have this colorful tool at my finger tips for easy access to quickly connect with wedding vendors. I can already see myself smiling each time I dial a telephone number!

  96. Angela commented //

    Well, first I would use this as my wedding guestbook by having guests write lovely bits of advice so my new husband and I could look through it for the year to come.

    After that year I would use it for storing all those bits of information I want to remember, quotes, movies I want to see, books I want to read, recipes to try! The possibilities are endless.

  97. Paige commented //

    Now that we moved into our first house, we’re getting recipes from family and friends. I’d love to put them on the cards for easy finding!

  98. Sunny Miry commented //

    I would love to make this into a colorful mobile for my little one!

  99. Parakh commented //

    drool dool drool…yes I would LOVE to have this…so please gimmie!
    I would stare at it. I would play with it. I would draw color inspirations from it. I have a art and design blog and I would choose the color of the moment that made my heart beat and post about the inspiration that stems from it…

  100. Alena commented //

    Ohhh I love it! The guest book idea is fantastic! I’d also like to file away all the random bits of inspiration from magazines or blogs I always come across.

  101. connie m. commented //

    i would write little notes about my baby growing up…so that she can read them in the future.

  102. Denise commented //

    I would use this to organize my “inspiration” cutouts and cards. It would be such a fun game to play “crafty roulette” to choose my next project. Thanks!

  103. Faye commented //

    I actually gasped and felt a bit giddy when I first saw this, it’s gorgeous!

    I am starting my own wedding stationery business called Fun Fayre and only yesterday was thinking of new ways to show my colour range to customers. I hit upon the idea of a wheel of colour (like a ferris wheel to match my Fun Fayre theme) and then the very next day I see this on your website.
    It’s perfect and must be fate.

  104. Adizat commented //

    I would love to win your roll o decks as an inspiration for new design projects. thanks.

  105. Julie commented //

    I am constantly Losing gift cards and coupons and other various mini pieces of paper around the house because I have nowhere lovely to keep them. What a gorgeous way to save all those bits and pieces!

  106. paula commented //

    This would look stunning in my home office. I still tend to use address book, etc. versus cmputer to access addresses

  107. Suzi commented //

    It is soooo Beautiful!! I would use it for keeping all my business contacts in…to put a smile on my face before calling them!!!!

  108. Leanne commented //

    This is just the thing I need to keep track of all the blog sites that I follow on a continual basis.

  109. LisaT commented //

    Wow, that is one gorgeous way of presenting the Envelopments line. I am a graphic designer/illustrator, I would use this as a color/pattern inspiration tool, much the same way I use my Pantone swatch book.

  110. Amy commented //

    I would use mine to organize magazine tears, snapshots from the internet, and any other inspirational tidbits. I think it would be a great tool for putting new color palettes together as well! And it’s just so PRETTY!

  111. Amy commented //

    I love this! I would use this to come up with color palettes for my many projects and also just spin it around for fun!!

  112. Shelly commented //

    Beautiful. I would love to win! It would be right by me at my Craft table!! Thanks!

  113. Sarah commented //

    I would use this as the guest book at our wedding, everyone could leave us a message and we could flick through them for years to come and remember our happy day!

    Sarah x

  114. Debbie commented //

    The colors on this wheel are gorgeous. I would use the colors as a palette to help with my scrapbooking and craft projects. I could use it to sort interesting things that I collect that I can use in the future. It would be a great help in creating wonderful colorful projects such as making cards, desgining collage and book projects and albums. I would love to have this as a great addition to my crafts!

  115. Jared commented //

    This would be perfect for coupons and all the clippings of tools from the local hardware store that I daydream about buying and never actually get to buy.

  116. Chelsea commented //

    Oh my goodness, this would be such a cool wedding guset book!! I would totally use it for that (and then take out the ones that weren’t written on and do something pretty with them as well!) what a great giveaway!!!

  117. anna commented //

    How pretty?!?!
    I would use this as
    1. wedding guest book {killer idea}
    2. daily affirmations
    3. some sort of game for the fam… still brainstorming this 1 up…

  118. Cassie commented //

    I would use this as inspiration to make cards, scrapbook pages, invitations andeven sewing projects. What a fun thing!

  119. Nina commented //

    This giveaway is simply gorgeous! I would use it to draw inspiration for my new design projects and to experiment with different colours…

  120. Mary Jo commented //

    I would marvel at the beautiful colors and use the colors to plan some of my scrapbook pages and quilts that I make! What a wonderful inspirational tool!! This is gorgeous!

  121. nina commented //

    I quilt and scrapbook, so this would be great for trying out new color combination’s 🙂

  122. Julie commented //

    I love this! With so many cards I might section it in to two parts. One for contacts and business info. Another section for inspirational quotes (which are now on sitckies on my desktop) and ideas for designs, projects, wish list items. It would definitely help inspire me to complete more of them! What a great giveaway. Fingers are crossed!

  123. DawnS commented //

    This is so cool…love it! Yes, I would use it to inspire my designs…but the main thing I would use it for is to make me happy (Color = Happiness). I would use it to brighten my day and to bring a smile to my face 🙂

  124. Esther commented //

    To organize my life at home!

  125. Erica commented //

    I would completely want to keep it, but use it as a gift to my love, with notes and coupons and quotes and memories and such.

  126. N Fox commented //

    Wow! So much color…so many inspirations! But, since I’m a glass artist, one of these roll-a-decks would allow me a much lighter, easier, not to mention safer way to share color samples with my clients. It definitely would beat carrying around glass samples and still provide design inspiration to all!

  127. Lindsay commented //

    I would stick it on my desk and stare at it– it’s a beautiful piece of art! I’m sure I’d use it eventually for holding notes and contact info, but I’m sure it would go untouched for awhile. It is gorgeous.

  128. Maren commented //

    I actually purchased a rolodex myself a couple months ago, but I would LOVE to give this as a gift to my mentor. She has helped me greatly as I have embarked on my own interior design business this year and I think she would absolutely love this, especially the paper quality of it (i.e., not a computer-based contact system).

  129. Erica B. commented //

    I would honestly just set it on my desk and stare at it all day!!!!

  130. Veronica commented //

    I’m one of those crazy people that collect more supplies than I’ll actually ever use. The first thing I thought was these cards are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too awesome to write on *gasp* That should be a against the law!

    The papers are so beautiful I could just spin them all day and smile wider each time, but I imagine I would also pull the cards out and match them up to make new and interesting color combinations, which, by the way would be waay more convenient than lugging out every piece of paper I own for the same result 🙂

  131. Amy Jaye commented //

    This would be a great way to organize my vendor contacts – one color for bakers, one for florists, one for venues…. it would be a great guest book for a graduation party, have all guests write their addresses on one side of the card and best wishes on the other. Or you could use them for seating cards at a wedding.

  132. Betsy commented //

    Fabulous! Great for recipes, takeout, phone numbers or just looking pretty!

  133. Debby commented //

    Oh my goodness! This would be perfect to make a quote file. I could color code my quotes by topic.

  134. Landa commented //

    I would totally use this for nail color/manicure inspiration.

  135. Flo commented //

    It’s so beautiful and cute … If this beautiful object sat in our house, I would put in words, images all those little moments of happiness we live at home!
    And if one day we were in need of small pleasures, small pleasures, I’d turn the wheel to randomly find a happy day … It will be necessary in those pretty colored cards .
    Thanks a lot for this possibilities…

  136. deanna commented //

    Wow, is this gorgeous!

    I would keep mine on my desk as color inspiration.

  137. Mary commented //

    In an effort to adjust that my first born is going to college I would write words of encouragement and love as well as funny bits happening at home the Roll-O-Deck cards. To be mailed out daily exclusively for her so she would have know we are always by close by.

  138. Pam commented //

    Totally drooling! I LUV color, patterns, paper, texture and organization. This puts all that into one cool little package. MUST HAVE!

    I’m going into the invitation design business and what better way to get inspiration and organize helpful tips, ideas and contacts!

    Thank you envelopement.com!

  139. Annie Byrne commented //

    I want this so much!!! I have so many business cards and just look horrible even after filing. I need this to organize and make my desk look really really pretty!!!

  140. erinkathleen commented //

    Oh so lovely! I collect scraps of paper all day long…business cards, notes jotted on the back of a receipt, random one liners and short story openings. I would use this to try to organize my random collection of words/notes, and even if I couldn’t get them organized, they’d look pretty!

  141. Chonte commented //

    My husband and I are planning on having a baby soon and this roll-o-deck would make a wonderful event holder for the baby. It would be the perfect guestbook at the baby shower and then a inspiration for me to journal my pregnancy and then include tid-bits to photo’s of the baby’s 1 year….precious.

  142. Noelle commented //

    Oh how I want these. I’m a graphic designer and always looking for inspiration. I would love to have these sitting on my desk as a wonderful place to put ideas for me professional work and also personal projects I’m working on. Love the color and patterns and staying organized at the same time. What a wonderful idea.

  143. Daniela commented //

    This is so awesome! I collect little pictures of anything that makes me smile, this would be so perfect to organize them all, seeing as the rolodex itself makes me smile. 🙂

  144. Dani commented //

    I write songs on the back of receipts all the time. It’s a silly little habit. So I have all these random receipts scattered everywhere with random verses written on the back. This would be wonderful to be able to organize them all.

  145. kim m. commented //

    Beautiful!!!! I would use it for my quotes and it would just look pretty sitting on my desk!

  146. Kris commented //

    I am one of the ones who would sit there and twirl it around and around for inspiration. 🙂

  147. Sarah commented //

    I will totally twirl, twirl, twirl and be inspired! I am a color junkie and this has me drooling!

  148. Seanna commented //

    I would like give the cards one by one as a daily love letter to my boyfreind. 500 days later, he will have a romantic technicolor Roll-O-Decks full of love messages!

  149. Linda commented //

    Never used a roll-o-deck before. The one’s I’ve seen people use have been dull and uninspiring. This one is a complete opposite. The colors and pretty patterns make it a great coffee table / study table piece. I haven’t decided what one thing I’d use it for- the possibilities seem infinite.

  150. Emily commented //

    I’d use it as a type of journal – pictures, quotes, ticket stubs… until I filled it up!

  151. J! commented //

    I’d use it for design inspiration, Bookmark for my books and magazines, help organize my thoughts for an upcoming presentation (color coding notes) or as a “my mood for the day” indicator for my coworkers…

  152. Jaime Ploscowe commented //

    Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration! I think I would often take them out of order to play with them, I would always put them back in order (or I couldn’t sleep)!

  153. jenn commented //

    i think it’s so pretty i don’t know if i would want to write on it!

  154. Melanie commented //

    I would set this on my kitchen countertop and twirl, look awesome and fill up with all those numbers I am always losing! What a fabulous idea! I love it and I LOVE your site! Thanks so much!

  155. andrea green commented //

    I would use it as a business card for my clients to select from

  156. Georgia Nasios commented //

    Oh wow! This is so fun! I would use it to either categorize either recipes or various fun project tips. I can already see knitting tips or different painting techniques!

  157. Becky Hannert commented //

    What a great guest book for a beach house. Now if I just owned a beach house.

    Mail one of the cards with each wedding invitation for guests to bring (or mail) to the wedding with bits of wisdom.

  158. Lois Rodriguez commented //

    Two ideas. Must. Have. This!! This would be great to print Bible verses on and grab one every day, keep it in my purse or on my desk at work and read it through the day. OR to use as a blessing wheel. At the end of each day our family would write down a blessing and then over the Thanksgiving holiday, we’d go through our wheel and see how we’ve been blessed the whole year though. I love, love, love this wheel!

  159. Tammy commented //

    Oh my goodness!!! This is beautiful!!! I smiled when I saw this, think it would make my work day so much better. Will use it as my roledex, but I am sure some extra twirling will happen every time I need a number 🙂

  160. Natalie commented //

    I will put all my friends faces on the deck and their contact number so that when I spin it, that will be the friend of my day to keep in contact with! Roulette! ;p

  161. karen commented //

    love love the color inspiration in this! i would use 2 of these. one to keep track of my clients, and one to use as my business card- giving away my contact information. then i would be the one colorful card in their set of plain white cards.

  162. stephanie commented //

    i swoon! Primary use: for my new business i’m just getting started on and second, definitely inspiration. too pretty not to stare at for hours 😉

  163. Patti commented //

    Really nice! I’m not a contest enter-er but I couldn’t resist this one! I like the swatch idea – I would totally use this to see how different colours worked together, and I’d twirl the crap out of it while staring into space. I might also doodle on one side (with a non-bleeding marker) of course, but that would take me a looooonnnggg time to work up the nerve to do!

  164. PE Adams commented //

    I think this is the perfect way to capture new customer information when they visit my store…what a happy way to do this. It would also be a good way to show party givers and brides a new idea for a guest book. I do believe customers would just want to order one to have for recipes, ideas, info of all kinds that you are happy just looking at!

  165. Amanda commented //

    This would make a great addition to my desk!

  166. Bree commented //

    Oh, yes please! I love multi-tasking, and I especially love color, so there’s no way this roll-o-decks would have just one function for me. It seems that most people are yearning to give this a good spin, and I’m no exception…

    Spinning, spinning, watching with fascination,
    wherever it lands decides the color for my next illustration!

    Being the illustrator that I am, the primary function of this wheel would be for color palette inspiration. And with so many beautiful colors to inspire me, I’ll be sure to battle any artist block that comes my way! I would also want to fill it with any little tidbit that inspires me… business cards, pieces of paper and fabric, love notes, doodles… and not to mention use it as housing for my movie ticket stub collection I started 15 years ago.

    After it’s filled, what a fun way to give it another good whirl and open it up to see what surprise awaits within!

  167. c.rene commented //

    to have and to hold for art’s sake alone, should i be the winner i’d cherish each tone

  168. Gld2Bme commented //

    OK…the thoughts just keep coming!!! What, OH, what treasires and treats does this magical thing hold!?!?!? I’m starting my own business and will DEFINITELY need to grab one of these AT LEAST!!! And my dear friend who was just promoted into “I’m a big-girl now and oversee the national department of such-and-such” must have one because the stuffiness of any serious job can suffocate one…so all she need do it flip this about to the lovely color of her choice, feel better, and possibly pick up the phone to call someone who is lucky enough to be included!!!


  169. Cece commented //

    I would use it in the old fashion way to manage contacts…but I think seeing it on my desk will make me smile each and every time I see all the amazing colors!

  170. Lori commented //

    AH! Gorgeous! I’m helping plan my sister’s wedding and LOVE the idea of using this as a guest book and have her THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ISH guests write their addresses and well wishes and words of wisdom! I’ll just have to make sure folks keep their BBQ buffet fingers off the pretty paper (or does that add character?)

  171. Cathy commented //

    Oh what inspiration this would give me. I would use it to plan all the cards I want to make. I would make it my goal to use every color and pattern on a card.

  172. Michelle Winson commented //

    I think it mihgt be too nice to write on!!! I will just twirl it and look at the colours for a good couple of weeks first before writing on it. Michelle

  173. Lorie commented //

    I would love to say that I would have some great use for it, but I think I would just put it on my desk and admire it! It is gorgeous! I love the colors!

  174. Carli commented //

    I would take it to work and let everyone drool over it. Then I would fill it with all my important contacts so I’d never have to search for them again!

  175. Michelle commented //

    I’d use it at work to bring a little lovely splash of color to an otherwise ho-hum white space. 🙂

  176. Kristie commented //

    Since I just began my Envel op ments jour ney with the cre ation of my business, may i? design for you, I would use this fabulous roll-o-deck as an inspiration to grow. My goal is to design an invitation in each color pallet this year! I would love to journal through the color wheel all of my clients, jobs, inspirations, and lessons learned….and of course, twirl away!

  177. Marsanne commented //

    I’d use it as a history collection – a short quote or story from people in the local area about the town, buildings, or other people.

  178. Tess commented //

    Organizational system for my personal library… That way I can spread my books in a seemingly random fashion around the house, but always find what I’m looking for.

  179. Rebecca commented //

    Wow! What an awesome tool…I’m pretty sure I would file people by the color they make me feel….although I guess that could change, huh? Maybe I should just go with first impressions 🙂

  180. Eddy R commented //

    My girlfriend is starting a design business and this would be the perfect gift for her to keep her contacts in. Or I’m sure she’d find something 100 times more creative to use it for. Did I mention her birthday is August 15th? I’d love to give her something like this.

  181. deb commented //

    Oh roll-o-deck, roll-o-deck won’t you be mine
    your creative function is simply divine
    with your charming presence on my workstation
    you would surely fill me with inspiration
    but, for now i just sit at my desk and pine!

  182. Beverly commented //

    I would honor and esteem it as a work of art, a thing of beauty to admire, and of course twirl. As a conversation starter for my design customers. And as a bonus, as an inspiration to keep all the clutter off my desk!

  183. michele commented //

    OMG i would stare at this bad-boy all day long…flip through it, twirl it, organize all of my contacts by color code… this is sooo gorgeous!!!!!

  184. Peggy commented //

    I would definitely have to sit and twirl it and it would probably take awhile befor I woulf write on it, but I think I would put Birthdays and Anniversaries on it. It is just beautiful! And Deb’s poem is just too cute!

  185. Laura commented //

    I would love to use these as recipe cards. I have been on the hunt for something awesome, and this is definitely it! Gorgeous.

  186. mijin commented //

    i would use it as inspiration for opening up a design stationery shop and use it to store contacts of clients, artists, and fellow papergood lovers!

  187. Carol W commented //

    Ah this is amazing i would show this off to people i make cards for and get them to let me know the colours they would like their cards in so i can make more monies for charity that i would like to raise money for.

    or i would simply just enjoy it ..

  188. Katy Potaty commented //

    I’d use it as a place to store and display quotes and little snippets and photos from my friends. I have a great collection of little ephemera from all the important people in my life, I’d love to have them in this colourful and sweet display!

  189. Jane commented //

    I am going to have to hand in my Blackberry soon as I am going on maternity leave…I have been looking for a way to store all my addresses, contacts, notes and everything else I have stored on the device over the past few years and this would be perfect….so much brighter and much more fun as well..perfect.

  190. Leika commented //

    I would use it to organize event inspiration and ideas, by color!!

  191. Melissa commented //

    This is such a beau­ti­ful twist on an oth­er­wise ordi­nary item!

    I love the col­ors and prints on the cards… As a teacher, I would love to have this in my class­room. Every time one of my stu­dents does some­thing kind and “above and beyond,” I could write their thought­ful ges­ture on one of these cards. At the end of the week, we could “spin the wheel” to choose who gets a larger weekly prize.

  192. Tova commented //

    I would definitely use this for recipes. I think it might be the only way my kitchen could stay organized…

  193. Steph I commented //

    This is a gorgeous product. I’d happily use it to help me organize my contacts! Paper over digital any day!

  194. katrina commented //

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! I would love to use it to organize all of my little inspiration pictures and notes I gather weekly.

  195. Lubaska commented //

    I would like to organize my business cards and this is just right place for doing that. Thanks for a chance!
    Lovely design!!!

  196. Kristen S commented //

    My to-be Mother-in-law is throwing my a tea party wedding shower, and I think it would be amazing to ask all my lovely guests to bring along their favorite recipe, and create me a wonderful roll-o-decks of recipes to make my new hubby!

  197. Meredith commented //

    Wow, there’d be so many ways to use this roll-o-deck. I would use it to organize my wedding stationery collection (by color, of course!), and as inspiration to new bridal clients. I think it will look great sitting on the desk in my office, too. 🙂

  198. Carrie F. commented //

    I would use it to keep teaching ideas. As an English teacher, I’m always running across fabulous quotations or ways to make what I do better or more interesting to my students. I would use the roll-o-deck to track those ideas and, hopefully, implements the brilliant ones.

  199. Renee Alam commented //

    I love these roll-o-decks sooo much! I have been drooling over them since forever.I really hope I can finally win one.I homeschool my 3 daughters so I would use this with them… I would write a little prompt on each card and have each of my girls write something short and sweet on each one so then I could look back and remember how they felt at that time.It would be a great family momento that I think we would gather around to read together one day in the future.Not to mention seeing how their handwriting has changed.

  200. Courtney commented //

    I’d definitely use it as a sort of modified sketchbook! I tend to sketch out ideas on all sorts of random scraps of paper and end up losing them in giant purses, pockets, etc throughout the day. Carrying a few of these with me and returning them to the roll each night would help me keep track of my ideas. And I’d be at no loss for inspiration when sitting down at my desk with it right there in front of me!

  201. Christine commented //

    I would love one! I would use it to organize all of my contacts in the wedding business and vendors, suppliers!

  202. Ana commented //

    I love this Roll-O-Deck, saw it on their website and thought it would make the perfect guestbook for a carnival themed wedding. Looks like a ferris wheel to me!!

  203. Mae Cormier commented //

    I love the wonederful colors!! They would be great since I was just thinking of making a reciepe book for my son with his favourites from childhood.

    They could be all color coded

  204. Gayle Rowe commented //

    I love photos and paper. The Roll-O-Deck has such beautiful cardstock, I would make an album out of it and decorate each card with a photo.

  205. Jenna commented //

    I love the bright colors- this would really brighten up my desk at my new job!

  206. Taylor commented //

    After filling it with recipes, addresses, anecdotes, and my bucket list, I would do it all…On one of those days where every thing is just drab, I would spin my little color wheel and let it brighten my day. Will I call a friend I haven’t seen in years… bake my mom’s amazing pecan pie…start studying for my motorcycle license? It all depends on which card I pick from the roll-o-deck!

  207. Caitlin commented //

    Oh I would LOVE to fill this with recipes! I can just imagine how beautiful it would be on my kitchen counter!

  208. Carrie commented //

    I would make a game out of it!! I would write “get to know you” kinds questions on the cards like “Would you rather go for a hike or Go to Tiffany’s?”, “Lady Gaga or Madonna?”, “Champagne or Tequila?”, etc… then have an get-together where the guests would take turns picking cards and answering it’s question… ooh, and leave some cards blank so if a blank card is pulled they’ll have to write their own question for the next time we play. 🙂

  209. elaine commented //

    love all the colors! what a charming way to keep track of resources, contacts, inspiration!

  210. Emily commented //

    Wow! This would brighten up any wall if papered with the paper from here! the crafts!
    Your blog is very cool-paper is amazing. 😉
    Thank you for the chance to win this! I would share it with my friends. 🙂

  211. Rebecca commented //

    I am having a bright spring time wedding, and this is exactly what I need for the kissing game. We’re having our guests answer trivia questions – the harder the answer the better the kiss – and this would fit perfectly with my spring time colour scheme. Guests can come up and pull from the brigtly coloured papers. And since it won’t all get used there, I think I would just place it on my desk and stare at it, because it is just so darn pretty.

  212. Camila F. commented //

    Oh my, that’s amazing! I would definitely use it as a fun colorful way to organize my business cards. They’re in such a huge mess right now!

  213. molly commented //

    I would love to use this as a little wheel of inspiration – adding little photos and inspirational quotes to it. I think it would be such a lovely addition to my desk!

  214. Jessica commented //

    This is almost too pretty to even use!
    It would look great on my desk as an inspiration for colour combinations 🙂

  215. Lois Jeanne commented //

    I am a photographer and would use this for minis of my favorite photos. A great way to show off my photos to potential clients as well as gain inspiration from the many places and faces I’ve photographed.

  216. Eduardo commented //

    My wife and I would use it to write the things we’d like to do together and pick one at random every weekend.

  217. LewelM commented //

    I am a graphic designer and I would use this to keep my fonts organized! It would be like a font book at my figertips. You could even organize them by theme by color! Awesome! 🙂

  218. Amy commented //

    I’d use it to keep track of all my projects and plans.

  219. Laura D. commented //

    I would love to use this on my desk at my new job that I’m starting on Monday! Too cute! 🙂

  220. Elizabeth Allen Rittmeyer commented //

    I’d use it for affixing little pieces of memorabilia; my puppie’s baby fang, a wheat penny, a Duran Duran concert ticket, a price-tag from a 1950’s apron pattern. It would be a tour of my life!

  221. Stephanie Phelps commented //

    I would put my roll in my office and update my business cards and be more organized. In between contacts I would add fun stuff like photos of my dogs, my husband, friends, inspirational notes to myself…anything that lifts me up and inspires me to be a better person to others and to/for the world.


  222. trish moran-valdellon commented //

    oh my! this is lovely! i never really win anything but if i had this, it would be a cool way to display those mini/wallet sized pictures. make it sort of like, instead of a memory box, a memory roll o decks! oh i would love to glue on pics of my coming baby girl.. wow.. 🙂

  223. Hannah commented //

    This would be the perfect addition to my desk! So bright, colourful and cute… this would make me smile every time I look at it!

  224. Kathryn S. commented //

    Hi, I would love this to organize birthdays on it and also write down where they like to shop so I could keep it all straight! Thanks!

  225. katrina commented //

    i LOVE the burst of colors! this would definitely make a perfect guestbook, and be a fun way to revisit comments/addresses/contact information of my attendees!