The Great Letterpress Giveaway

Great Letterpress Giveaway

Melissa from The Handwork Chronicles spent five months lovingly restoring her Chandler & Price letterpress, but between restoring the press and remodeling her house, she fell behind in her letterpress printing adventures. She’s celebrating being back in the letterpress game by holding weekly letterpress giveaways every week from now until Christmas, and every week the giveaway will get bigger and better!

This week’s giveaway is a set of gift tags (shown above) featuring a modern flower motif in three metallic hues. Head on over to the Handwork Chronicles to find out how you can enter to win, and be sure to check in every Monday for the latest giveaway.

image from The Handwork Chronicles

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2 comments on “The Great Letterpress Giveaway

  1. Melissa commented //

    Hi there. I’ve been down and out with a bad cold lately, so I’m sorry to be so slow to say thanks for the mention on your blog!

  2. kristen commented //

    Sure thing, Melissa! Hope you’re feeling better!

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