Doe-Eyed Bad Fruit Prints

It’s already been established that I’m a sucker for anthropomorphic fruit, so is it really any surprise that I was instantly enamored with this collection of “Bad Fruit” prints by Doe-eyed? Nothing ruins your day like someone taking a bite out of your head, indeed. – via French Paper

Bad Fruit Prints

Bad Fruit Prints

Bad Fruit Prints

images from Doe-eyed

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7 comments on “Doe-Eyed Bad Fruit Prints

  1. Hannah C commented //


    Love your blog! I could stay here all day!

  2. kristen commented //

    Thanks, Hannah!

  3. Erin at Vale Design commented //

    Those are so funny! I love how graphic they are as well. Great post!

  4. Monkey Mind Design commented //

    Love it… made me laugh! I could stay here all day as well!

  5. LisaT commented //

    You are a hoot! Your line about being “a sucker for anthropomorphic fruit” made me laugh out loud.

  6. kristen commented //

    Haha, thanks, everyone! I thought that these were really fun. Glad you enjoy!

  7. Jeanelle commented //

    way funny! love the graphics 🙂

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