Trolley Cards

Trolley Cards

Trolley Cards

Trolley Cards

I was recently introduced to a new card service called Trolley Cards, which carries greetings from a number of fantastic shops, including Egg Press, Hello! Lucky, Louella Press, Pancake & Franks, Paper*Ink, Red Cap Cards, Smock Paper, Snow & Graham, and Two Piglets.

Trolley Cards allows you to choose a card for whatever occasion is appropriate (all cards are $4.95). After you’ve chosen your card, you can “write” your message and schedule your card (up to 21 days in advance) for delivery. Your message will appear within the card in a nice, handwritten font and will be delivered to your addressee (US addresses only) on your chosen date. Optionally, you can include a gift card to one of many cool places, like iTunes, Amazon, Target, Home Depot, and more.

One of my favorite Trolley Cards details is the wax logo stamp (above, top), set in teal wax, on each card envelope that they send. What a lovely touch!

images from Trolley Cards

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2 comments on “Trolley Cards

  1. Diane Faye Zerr commented //

    I love the wax seal in the first image, I need to know where to get that color!

  2. kristen commented //

    I’m with you, Diane! Such a great color. I think they mentioned on the site that it was their trademark color, so it may be custom tinted for them? I’ve never seen sealing wax in that shade.

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