1Canoe2 Letterpress Coasters and Prints

1Canoe2 Things that are Round Letterpress Print

Squee! The new “Things that are Round” letterpress coasters and letterpress posters from 1Canoe2 are so completely, fantastically clever that I couldn’t help but squee. I’m totally craving pie lately, so that’s where I honed in first but, honestly, every round little item is brilliant. Donuts, dandelions, tomato pin cushions, soda can tops, the world — so much fun! The set of coasters would make an excellent hostess gift, and the poster would be great to hang in the kitchen, the office, pretty much anywhere. Many thanks to Beth for the heads up on these!

P.S. The coasters come in a totally cute, letterpressed drawstring bag, too!

1Canoe2 Things that are Round Letterpress Print
1Canoe2 Things that are Round Letterpress Print
1Canoe2 Things that are Round Letterpress Print

images from 1Canoe2

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4 comments on “1Canoe2 Letterpress Coasters and Prints

  1. Monkey Mind Design commented //

    Love love love those coasters! Really great design!

  2. Jeanelle commented //

    love it, way awesome 🙂

  3. Cyd commented //

    For better or for worse, I started a letterpress print collection for the wall in our home office. Better for my heart and my eyes. Much much worse for my wallet and my husband’s sanity. I just bought this one from Studio on Fire http://www.studioonfire.com/design-services/wild-air-poster/ …only now I’m thinking I need this one, too.

    This could become a very dangerous hobby.

  4. kristen commented //

    Aren’t they great?

    Ooh, yeah, Cyd, that Studio on Fire poster is fantastic!

    I have been amassing my own collection to hang on the walls in my office and throughout our apartment. Definitely a dangerous hobby … for the wallet, at least! But, like you said, great for the heart and eyes. 🙂

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