Win a Raccoon Screen Print from Small Talk Studio!

Alyssa Nassner Raccoon Screen Print

I was completely jazzed when Alyssa Nassner of Small Talk Studio let me know about her super cute new Raccoon Screen Print. The limited edition screen print features two lovey dovey raccoons out for a refreshing tandem bicycle ride, and I just love their little outfits. A bandana! A scarf! A cardigan sweater! So cute, and a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift idea, too.

And guess what? Alyssa’s generously offered to give away one of these cutie patootie prints to a lucky Paper Crave reader. Sweet! In order to enter, just comment on this post, letting us know what your ideal date would be. Would you love a romantic dinner at an upscale restaurant, followed by a night of dancing? Or would you prefer something more laid back, like an evening of watching movies in your jammies with your sweetie? We’re looking forward to hearing what you’d love to do!

This giveaway will end at midnight eastern time on Wednesday, February 2, 2011. One entry per person, please.

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63 comments on “Win a Raccoon Screen Print from Small Talk Studio!

  1. Maria commented //

    Oh so cute! Lovely!

    My ideal date would be dinner at my fave restaurant the Green Mango or Sushi. Then a movie. I am a full time mom so spending time with hubby would be great! πŸ˜€

    Lovely giveaway! πŸ˜€

  2. Sara commented //

    Hmmm, my ideal date would definitely be a nice bike ride and a picnic. It’s nice, sweet and simple.

    Also, the print is cute! Hope I maybe win!

  3. Elyse G. commented //

    making dinner at home and playing a board game. sounds perfect to me πŸ™‚

  4. Courtney commented //

    My ideal date would be some time with my husband to head back to the dinner theater where we had out very first date and stroll around the historic area surrounding it.

    It would be nice to feel like we are 16 again! πŸ™‚

  5. Sarah commented //

    My ideal date would include going swimming in my local waterhole while eating sunflower seeds and drinking apple juice. Then we’d go to the Inner Harbor and draw people on boats.

  6. Danny Brito commented //

    My perfect date would be eating pizza and playing video games, then maybe going for a nice walk at night, sounds really lame but I would be head over heals if a boy signed up for that with me.

  7. Ashley commented //

    Adorable print!

    My perfect date would be making a nice dinner together at home, candles and mood music, although some classic rock will also do. Then a little bubble bath to relax, and finish the night off by falling asleep together watching a great comedy or a favorite sitcom.

  8. Zona commented //


    My ideal date would be a bike ride along the cliff tops, looking out across the sea and having a picnic at the end…then pushing our bikes back along the cliff as the suns set

  9. Tiffany B. commented //

    I heart raccoons! My ideal date would be to go on a hot air balloon ride over the wine country. Just to be up in the clouds away from all the noise.

  10. Zoe commented //

    So cute! My perfect date would be dinner and ice skating, plus hot chocolate for dessert!

  11. Lyne commented //

    My perfect date would be a nice walk on our favorite mountain, Mont-Royal, followed by a “bring your own wine” restaurant. Back home, I would definitely finish by one or two chocolate cupcakes. Mmmm…

  12. stampyng commented //

    What an adorable print!! My ideal date would be at a fondue restaurant. I haven’t been to one and it seems like such a romantic way to spend an evening !

  13. Robyn commented //

    My ideal date would be a night at the ballpark! It can’t get much better than that!

  14. allie h. commented //

    my ideal date is one that i get every year. the bf and i relive our first date and go to jackie robinson night at dodger stadium. i love this little tradition that started nearly 6 years ago and hasn’t gotten old yet!

  15. erin marie commented //

    LOVE this print! heck, i may just have to buy it even if i don’t win…

    my perfect date would be a super yummy sushi dinner topped off with fried mochi for dessert…shared of course. πŸ™‚

  16. Hannah commented //

    This is just the cutest thing ever. My ideal date would be one my husband (of 3 months) and I have often – homemade dinner made together, a yummy glass of wine, and background music provided by a vintage vinyl on our record player. We would finish off the evening by either working on a project together or watching a movie or documentary.

  17. Brandi commented //

    OMG, SO CUTE!…my ideal date is doing something I’ve never done before with the person I love. Staying in a cabin on the beach, going on an Orca Whale Watch, taking a glass blowing class, learning to do metal work to make jewelry, anything adventurous. Maybe I should send this to my fiance for some tips πŸ˜‰

  18. Bonnie commented //

    Since my ideal date would be with my husband – I’d love to rent a room at a B&B overlooking the Sound, have dinner in the room and then take a walk on the beach. We’d wrap up the evening sitting on some driftwood, wrapped in a blanket, enjoying hot chocolate and then we’d get to sleep in LATE the next morning before heading home. NO kids, dogs or phones allowed!!!!

  19. Jen M commented //

    My fiance and I just moved to San Francisco, so my ideal date would be taking our first trip to the SF zoo! Hopefully this will happen soon, as they just got a new baby anteater.

  20. Mikaela @ HungryFoxPrint commented //

    I wish raccoons were tame enough to be pets…i love them.

    My ideal date is heading over to the next county where they have bluegrass music every 4th saturday in an old auditorium, eating dinner at the local celebrity BBQ place, and then hitting up the late movie at the monetta drive-in movie theater. This is in Leesville, SC, by the way- check it out if you’re in the area.

  21. Andrew commented //

    drawing zombies with my boyfriend while drinking a bottle of wine, eating pizza, and listening to mimicking birds.

  22. Cody commented //

    Alyssa is the coolest.

  23. hannah commented //

    this is SO adorable!! love it!
    My ideal date would be a long walk, time to share our dreams and laugh…as a mom and dad of three, quiet time is a luxury for us!!

  24. mydeerfriend commented //

    I think I would like to listen to some jazz in Paris with my lovely…and late night strawberries from beneath the Eiffel Tower!

    I really love this print. I love the simple colour palette too – beautiful x

  25. Kristie commented //

    I’m the jammies and a book type-reading out loud to each other is cool, much like the t shirt. Fingers crossed in NJ!

  26. Amy commented //

    I’d love to go on all these dates I’ve read so far apart from drawing zombies, id draw anything else but my zombie drawing skills are limited!! ……My ideal date would involve the perfect sofa to cuddle up on, a good movie, a bowl if popcorn to share and that moment where your fingers come together at the bottom of the bowl fighting for that last piece!! Perfect!! Xx

  27. Tracey commented //

    I really like the simple ones. Just enjoying each others company is beautiful. (Going for a walk to get Starbucks, then coming back home and watching a tv show or movie)

  28. Hannah commented //

    Oh, I would love to go on a scavenger hunt and wind up at a picnic in a park with just cupcakes in a basket!

  29. Lisa commented //

    This is Darling!

    My ideal date would be something creative/quirky/etc. etc. I like anything out of the ordinary so maybe we would take some dancing lessons, cooking classes, something where we can create together.

  30. Emily commented //

    This would be a perfect gift for my best friend!

  31. Leticia commented //

    Going out to see our favorite band on a snowy winter day, dancing and singing until we reach a surprisingly delightful exhaustion, and then coming home to a fluffy and cozy bed, ice cream and a nice movie.

    ps.: Awesome poster!

  32. jamie commented //

    that print is tops! ideal date goes something like reading together and walking in the park. cheap thrills.

  33. Suzie commented //

    I think the perfect date would be having a picnic where we were married. It is such a peaceful and beautiful place.

  34. Linda commented //

    My ideal date- hmmmmmmm – maybe make dinner with my love while sipping some wine, or maybe watch a movie and have dessert cuddling on the couch, maybe go out for dinner at a restaurant we’re both excited about…. maybe…

  35. Katia commented //

    in our pjs, driving down Pacific Coast Highway late at night. bliss!

  36. Ammi commented //

    a day of thrifting together around the city, then coming home to a warm fire, a cup of hot lemon ginger tea and a roaring discussion on architecture.

  37. Carol commented //

    Our favorite dates are “music dates.” We find a recital/concert at our local college and then stop for coffee/drinks before or after. It really changes our perspective and relaxes us. It seems that music can “untie” our tongues and enliven our conversation! We’ve seen trombone recitals, jazz combos, full symphony concerts, and everything in between. A side benefit is that it’s really inexpensive! The only “have to” expense is our babysitter.

  38. Mary commented //

    What a cute print! It would have to be out to dinner then to a movie with a tub of popcorn πŸ™‚

  39. Stacey commented //

    This is such an adorable print! My ideal date would be a surprise weekend. road trip to a small city we’d never been to yet. Thanks for introducing me to Small Talk Studio’s work!

  40. Kaitie Tee commented //

    My ideal date would be a hike in the foothills of the Rockies with a picnic dinner at the top.

  41. yvonne commented //

    I was thinking movie night but now I’m thinking maybe going somewhere on a bicycle for two?

  42. Sarah @ CraftNClutter commented //

    My ideal date is one I’ve been lucky enough to experience.

    A beautiful, early fall day in Paris. Strolling the streets with my husbands. Wandering through farmer’s markets and little shops picking up bits of food for a lunch to share. Giant grapes here. A sandwich on a baguette there. And of course some chocolate. Then ending up in the lawn of the Eiffel Tower where we had a wonderful picnic under a gorgeous blue sky with fluffy white clouds!

  43. rachael commented //

    This is a super cute print!

    My ideal date would be a picnic in the park followed up with ice cream cones and a stroll downtown.

  44. Cindy commented //

    My ideal date is having more time together, because me and my partner don’t have see one another quite often, just about twice a month, since we are not at the same town. So cooking dinner together at his house are the most ideal date that we usually did. Then ending up with watching movies together, with some snacks. Perfect!

  45. Michelle commented //

    Ideal date? Well here is what I’m thinking:
    A sweet little bike ride, topped of with a couple of beers. Then setting up the hammock and laying around with our dog. Simple and splendid!

  46. Alicia B. commented //

    Nice giveaway, super cute! My ideal date is me, my husband, a fun night at a new place in Minneapolis, maybe some sushi and seafood. An adventure is always good too!! πŸ™‚

  47. Jes commented //

    My ideal date would involve a hike and a picnic lunch..and an evening without the kids. I’ll keep dreaming!

  48. Naomi S commented //

    The ideal date for me is when we do something we both want to do, whether it’s going to the movies, or going out to run an errand. If we’re both excited about it then we’re having a good time. At the base of it, an ideal date, especially an ideal first date, would be one with good conversation. Really, no more is required. The best part of my dates is when we stroll down the street and talk. The city is so beautiful and there’s so much to engage you that you can’t help but have a good time, jumping from topic to topic and sharing embarrassing and dull things about yourself. Chemistry. That’s the true goal of dating, and that’s what makes a date rock for me.

  49. Amy commented //

    Love this print! Although – my experience with racoons in my yard leads me to believe they are fleeing the scene of a heist rather than on a cute date.
    Ideal date includes coffee and a walk on the beach – but this being a Seattle beach we would be bundled up and looking for sea creatures under the rocks and in the tide pools πŸ™‚

  50. Tali commented //

    why – biking with my raccoon love of course! Down to the botanical gardens where we can picnic on baguettes and cheese πŸ™‚

  51. Mandy commented //

    A night downtown. Dinner at a hole in the wall restaurant, followed by gelato. Yum!

    haha, I like Tali’s answer though.

  52. Brook commented //

    The date doesn’t matter so much as the person..anything could be fun with the right one. However, I think a day in the sun and woods, swimming in a lake, and then a good meal. Or just chill Sunday evening jive-talking bowling followed by a good meal. Anything followed by a good meal!

  53. Meg commented //

    We love to bike just anywhere…but mostly to the beach…..sand in your furry toes

  54. Dianne commented //

    Laying on a lake dock watching the stars.

  55. erica p. commented //

    My ideal deal date with my husband would be to try something new together – new restaurant, a dish we’ve never had, or an experience – white water rafting? Doing something together that we’ve never done before is such a great way to build memories and our relationship!

  56. marianne commented //

    romantic dinner at home just the two of us, candles and some music in the background. drinking wine and talking for hours.
    thatΒ΄s a perfect date!

  57. Jo commented //

    sun + park + wine + cheese + conversations = lazy daytime date

  58. Ann commented //

    Dinner out for sure… ideally it would include a nice bottle of wine and the sound of waves hitting the dock.

  59. Nina commented //

    I’m a homebody, so my perfect date would be dinner at home and a great movie πŸ™‚

  60. Maya commented //

    Mine would be going to the beach + chocolate pancakes + lots and lots of swimming + a great hammock + laughter + spontaneity + cuddles and kisses + a picnic + watching the sun set + watching the moon rise + star gazing + yakkity yakness + a cozy tent and the sound of the waves + a universe of love.


  61. Cherish commented //

    My ideal date – just walking around together somewhere beautiful and scenic, maybe stop and get a coffee or a bite to eat, totally losing track of time…..

  62. Moose commented //

    walks, chasing tennis balls, heart shaped wheat free doggie treats that mom makes….tail wags.