Weekly Wrap #94 : Mmm … Brussels Sprouts

Weekly Wrap

Brussels Sprouts Gift Wrap

Maybe it’s because I like clever, quirky stuff, or perhaps it’s because I love Brussels sprouts – seriously, they’re delicious roasted with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper – but I’m totally digging this Brussel Sprout Wrapping Paper from UK shop, Nancy & Betty Studio. Dress up the little sprouts with chartreuse or kelly green satin ribbon (quite the elegant look, methinks) and surprise the Brussels sprout fan (or foe) with a very uniquely wrapped gift.

You can also find oodles of holiday greeting cards in the Nancy & Betty shop, including a matching Brussels sprout “Happy Christmas” card, so head on over and have a look at all of the holiday goodness.

Nancy & Betty Studio Holiday

images from Nancy & Betty Studio

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