Weekly Wrap #23 : DIY No Sew Ribbon Bows

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DIY No Sew Ribbon Bows

A gorgeous ribbon bow can make a package; however, if you’re anything like me and always scored lowest on spatial relations on your Iowa Tests, then Martha’s bow-making diagrams can sometimes look like byzantine mazes and can leave you with a pile of knotted, wrinkled, formerly-beautiful ribbon that has become a stark reminder of the fact that you’re not Martha and probably will never be. Plus, you’re still without a pretty bow for your package.

So, when I spotted this DIY No Sew Ribbon Bow tutorial by Ez from Creature Comforts over on Ruffled, I knew it was a keeper. I find that one of the most difficult things to achieve when tying a bow is that nice, clean, flat square/rectangle of ribbon at the front, and Ez’s technique allows you to achieve this every time because you tie from the back instead of the front. Mix and match colors and patterns to match whatever package or favor you’re embellishing, and scale up for larger bows!

DIY No Sew Ribbon Bows

images from Creature Comforts

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  1. tina commented //

    I really like this. So easy and customizable.

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