Weekly Wrap #86 : Egg Carton Pretties

Weekly Wrap

Egg Carton Gift Packaging

Recycled egg cartons serve as surprisingly sophisticated gift packaging in this very clever how-to by Decoratrix. Simply paint your cartons (water-based paint) with whatever colors and patterns you like, tie with some cool twine, string or ribbon, and you’ve got a package with pizzazz.  I’ll have to start stockpiling my empty cartons because this pretty craft is giving me lots of ideas.  – via Cafofo Fino

Have a great weekend, everyone, and for all of you in the path of Hurricane Irene, stay safe! I’ve experienced many Nor’easters, blizzards, and the effects of tropical storm remnants, but this could be my first experience in the direct path of a hurricane. It should be an interesting weekend, to say the least.

photo credit : Decoratrix

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2 comments on “Weekly Wrap #86 : Egg Carton Pretties

  1. Chie commented //

    Using egg cartons is very unique idea. I would try it sometime.

  2. Christia commented //

    Just came upon your blog while looking for my own wedding invites, but love this post because I use recycled egg cartons to wrap the baby onesies I design for my line called Mama Bird on Etsy! 🙂

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